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Testo della canzone Sorry (Hodgy Beats), tratta dall'album The Dena Tape

Sorry - Hodgy Beats

I want to apologize first and foremost
That donkey on me cause of the clothes in my wardrobe
I got alot of butter, spread it on more toast
I seem to catch groupies when I rock more shows
You're scattering and screaming when im running away
I run for the future when it runs for today
I run for the money, I be chasing the hay
And hay is for horses, and in way im am so in a differences between
What don't matter and what's important
Through out the backward ecstatic and extortion
The ladies don't force him
They are assigned to a mission, and Hodgy aborts them
When I try to get past [?] There's more of them
I Know you don't trust none of them
It's all in your head be sure of them
Because baby girl you're a cure for him
You make him foraging
Im Sorry, Im Sorry
Im So Sorry, Well I Apologize
For telling lies
Look, I use to cheat in the streets
Hotels and Suites, Cheat in the sheets
Skeet on her teeth, Freak for the leap
Then it leaks in the heat, he greets her when it meets
She Ready, To pick up something heavy
Slow your horses.STEADY.Before you hop up in the Chevy
I wanna be faithful
For your love im grateful
But its hard and hard, you can relate too
When the girl be begging on
Getting in my head egging on
Im waking in the bed with thongs
You ringing on my doorbell, DING-DONG
They better get gone on the double
Im already in trouble
And if you open the door, you bursting all bubbles
I swear I wish I never cuddle
Cause from the bottom of my heart, I Love You
You know baby, I really apologize, im sorry for everything I done
But these women they be on me
I can't help but look the other way
I mean it's hard to look the other way, If you understand what im talking about
But, imma' do my best to keep you
Im Sorry

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