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Testo della canzone Pink Leather Intestines (Hodgy Beats), tratta dall'album The Dena Tape

Pink Leather Intestines - Hodgy Beats

Such a beautiful day...
Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful day
Such a beautiful day, so beautiful...
Why do I feel ugly?
I put my frozen cheese through the grater
After taking the cheddar out the refrigerator
Seasoned it, zest it, let it marinate up
Give it a couple hours and get back to it later
In the oven it goes, but I'm no baker
Open up them jaws, you will not taste the Quaker
Oatmeal, poached chill, fo'real
Go and get some floss cause it's stuck inside your grill
The direction of selections of the questions are collections
So before you think to step in, don't speak
When I speak you can't tell me nathan
I've been away from my pops since a child like, I was put in placement
My mother date a other cat to try and replace him
Pain only erase him
When I look in the mirror every day
I would face him, and it was when I met him
My heart, fell into my pink leather intestines
Pink, leather, intestines
Uhh; three o'clock in the morning making halfway songs
Thinking my mom's my dad cause he halfway gone
He called me one day, told me he halfway wrong
I laughed in his face like this is how it belong
But calling me with bullshit, only made me strong
Cause he showed his ass like a woman with a thong
I used to go crazy, call me King-Kong
I bang on my chest and be, strange like the rest of my crew
Slang for clothes and get the best kind of shoes
Mom couldn't afford them, she wouldn't pay for 'em
I asked if she would buy 'em she told me to pray for 'em
I was commonly known, but my thoughts stayed foreign
I never got loving enough, like I ain't fucking enough
He wasn't loving he bluffed emotional stuff and I cuffed
And kept it in my chest then
Until it dropped, and moved into my pink leather intestines
Looking at the pictures, of me and you, burning these shits
Stupid ass nigga, I don't need you anyway

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