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Testo della canzone Moneyball (Hodgy Beats), tratta dall'album Dena Tape 2

Moneyball - Hodgy Beats

Moneyball, baby, that money ball
Stackin' money 'til them hundreds fall
Ain't checkin' my checkin', I'm just takin' withdrawals
Moneyball, baby, that moneyball
Moneyball, baby, that moneyball
Too many people that is involved
So much money, easy to take a loss
That moneyball, we gonna spend it all

The thought of money, that's what kept us together
As a unit, as human when work is pleasure and treasure
Some things change for more than others, the season's weather
Undescribed destinies in front of us, this one's for the better
Don't mess with none of my niggas, I'm comin' after whoever
In his face, I be scoldin', even his folks ain't know better
Before all this shit, I struck a hit
Stay loyal to roots and soils, you can't fuckin' miss
Life in the industry where love's dismissed
They'd rather love on the computer or club with a bitch
Can't comprehend, dialect speakin'
I'm freakin' out on the beach in Hawaii after my birthday
My son and me for the evenin'
We drinkin' guava, have fun today
I'm thinkin' to myself, "this kid is only two"
Two years ago I copped some new kicks and them shits still new
Two years ahead of us we look into the shades of blue
He said red is his favorite color, show me the price, I'll change the hue, nigga

Moneyball, baby, that money ball
Moneyball, baby, that money ball
Yeah, this shit gon' kill us all
Moneyball, baby, that money ball
Moneyball, baby, that money ball
Stack it up until that shit fall
Stack it up, stack it up, stack it up

For the money, these civilians be frontin'
They need to put Obama on the dollar or somethin'
Then she'll be strippin' for a colored face
A holiday, get another taste of her guttered waist
See I know she don't love me, we just fuckin' relate
Man she gets her cut of the cake, not to mention this buttery baste
I put the icing on top, popped the cherry
But wait until it ripens on the spot
Nigga, rifles, nines and Glocks in my trunk, inside my drop
I dropped that top then popped that top, you lil' niggas get dropped
The doctor keep checkin', your pulse is droppin'
You should've dropped your watch
Cropped out of the picture walkin'
When life is all you got
Now you sittin' inside a coffin, you heard what happened to Scott
(Yeah I heard, he was a good man, man, but he got shot)
That's what happens when you're black, blacker than the ghetto
Black and in the ghetto with money, who's extra special

Over that moneyball
Over that moneyball
Over that moneyball, moneyball
Over that moneyball, yeah, nigga
Man you could have it all
You could have it all

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