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Testo della canzone Miyagi's Prime (Hodgy Beats), tratta dall'album Dena Tape 2

Miyagi's Prime - Hodgy Beats

I be on the up and up, taking downers, I should chill though
Fuck with me, you'll have a Navy Seal problem
I put one in the air tonight like I'm Phil Collins (smoke)
Don't come around here where I stay, you better keep walking
I fall asleep by the river, bathe in the river
I'm not enslave ho, I freelance, pave runways for a nigga
The DA keep trying to pin a fucking case on a nigga
I made a name for a nigga, life as a black famous figure
I close my eyes and then I see
The world and all the obstacles right in front of me
I'm a piece of a Monopoly board placed right where I should be
Passing Go, collecting sheets of clean or dirty money (cash nigga)
I'm up at night and when it's sunny, make amends for my sins
Church with grandma every Sunday, I'm lying
I'll make it to the altar someday
I keep the peace for war and I ain't talking gunplay

Where's the crown?
(The crown is right next to the thrown, my thrown)
It goes up
(Call me honor, nigga)
Come down
(That's Karma, and if you got a problem then why you dial her number, you tryna get something up from under huh?)

What am I here for?
That's what I ask myself, man I'm crazy as hell
Like I'm in a task force with a cape and a belt
A nigga don't sleep, I hear it's bad for your health
You ain't gotta be rich to be enriched in wealth
Man that's coming from self
If you're coming for mines, I'm gunning in stealth, til there's none of them left
If you break then you buy, put it back on the shelf
It's great when I'm high, when I'm sober it's dead
They thought I was gone, well I'm back, take a breath
And he's hitting these notes like a clef
It's me against the world so that means all you bitches is getting suplexed
I'm trying to buy the world, I look at earth like it's a two bedroom bathroom duplex
It's only one time you can exit the entry of the century, intently
Supplementing like the [?], a frenzy
Like assemblies at the Wimbley
Anything I want to be, I know I can be
And if you don't believe me, you can unfriend me
The game of solitaire, the only one contending
HB, motherfucker

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