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Testo della canzone Malaya (Hodgy Beats), tratta dall'album The Odd Future Tape

Malaya - Hodgy Beats

I'm going in, as if I'm tryna swim
Working on my game for you like I'm at the gym
Yamming on cats, hanging on the rim
I'm fresh from my Newbounds to the fitted brim
Beautiful is the synonym to your name
It's a shame, but you can't blame him
For saying that if she was a game I be playing that
Not playing that with strings attached
Red or blue, because I ain't banging that
I'm rearranging that fact, that I'm always exact
But today I'm going to extract the scent
The sugar from your sweetness
If I'm ever sick you're my treatment
I keep you warm if your place don't got a heater
As long as you seated with me in my two seater
Seventy miles per hour, new cheetah
In a wife-beater but I won't beat ya, Diva
So I'mma sweep my feet up, I think I should keep her
Why? Because she lookin' like a keeper, yeah

Malaya, Malaya wondering how are you
I'm thinking that I should pick up the phone and call you
Conversations lovely, never have to argue
Over the line it's all me and you know it's all you

I'm going in, as if I'm tryna swim
Dolphin on the surface you can tell by the fin
In the mix, Juice and Gin, slick on my steez, never rusty like tin
Baby girl, I'm here to win, your game, it's a shame, but you can't blame him
I wanna be in your A life like Tims, even if you don't like them
I'mma just SB Nike then, if I was a food, I'll let you bite in
You like my conversations, that's why you smiling
We can get alone, isolated on our own island, nah girl, I ain't lying
I'm subscribing, trying to wake up to you in the horizon
I'm full of surprises when you enter, so I'm enterprising
Tell your Bin to come out from his Laden
The sun is rising and I'm advising you to pay attention to my advertisement
I'm on my slicker material, satisfying, I ain't lying

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