Testo della canzone Frontpage Stardom (Hittman feat. Eminem), tratta dall'album The Pretox

Frontpage Stardom - Hittman feat. Eminem

Frontpage Stardom, I'm the golden challenge
(That means we takin over this shit)
Can't fuck wit my whole crew
Frontpage Stardom, I'm the golden challenge
(That means we takin over this shit)
Can't fuck wit my whole crew
Frontpage Stardom, I'm the golden challenge
(That means we takin over this shit)
Can't fuck wit my whole crew
Frontpage Stardom, I'm the golden challenge

(Where the hell ya been homie?) Shut up man
(Do ya think ya gonna fly?)
Na listen (Everybody's talkin)
So I'mma diss em and keep my ass a fire arm distance
(What is your chrome?)
8 figures (What is your goal?)
Straight nigga (What about your flow?)
How you wondering what you'll spend on this summer you'll see

Extra Extra! Read all about him! Signed to Aftermath
Now the B-Boys doubt him, females crowd him, decoys
Clone, females want him, everybody on him but he don't
Care bout it when he sees all of them, I remember when
The boy used to be a loner, waitin for the bus to come, posted
On the corner, went to the Crenshaw Country Pub because he
Had no club, now every car he's parkin, he's the talk of the club,
Groupies, and group cheats, eatin raw sushie, high class mommas
On last commas, came along way from selling cobra's and pommes,
In line to see Crush Grooveat the Ballroom Stadiuam, now with
Rhymes he touch you, the small niggas hate him, ya'll couldent fade
Him with bleach on your clippers, now on the radio, he played
By a freak named Jigga, see the picture?

Allow me to duce myself, I'm sick of foos
Speakin for me like I need help, you usually don't
See me because I be stealth, and you should buy
My cd cause I need wealth, you usually see me
Runnin its never for help, only for prayers, the ones
Who stare, they ain't the one with the least hair on
There head, like white color crime, man i gotta stay
Farigno if I coulden't rhyme I would be pre-made, spending
Most of my time trying to use hairspray, but thats
Not my call cause I'm ballin to stay slanging rap like
Its crack till independence day, why do you think they
Call me Hitt?? Sign a contract that I supply you with,
Weather combat or bombtrack, or your chips, crime
Scene or magizine I'm all over it

I stay higher than racial tension, with a facial expression
Tensed up like I'm suffering from a case of nasal congestion
I? a complexion, rage, age still in question
Critics hate my tape kids can't wait for the next one
As long as we jet[?] my tape never e-jects the deck
That's the level of re-spect each cd gets
While y'all are grasping at straws like? crush aspirin
And gas in the air like collapsing at mall
I'm just a realistic impression of artistic expression
Who's tape was in the deck when the kids shot up delicatessen
So when I - launch a full of contra-
That'll haunt you worse than Ma$e before he joined the church
Ok kids I dismiss this class I'm going back in the broom closet to sniff this gas
Umm, Mr. Mathers just missed the bathroom
Pissed his pants and the world still kissed his ass
This is my last album (This is my last album)
Just pick my ass up when I pass out in the bathroom
If y'all don't like this shit that you hearing then blow me 'til your lipstick is smearing
And I can see my dick disappearing

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