Testo della canzone Young Wild Niggas (Hit-Boy feat. SOB X RBE), tratta dall'album Family Not A Group

Young Wild Niggas - Hit-Boy feat. SOB X RBE


Bitch, it's the YWN
Got feelings for me?
That's your problem, type to fuck on your friend
Told my brothers this forever and we stuck to the end
Bitch, the chop so big, look like I'm clutching a kid
Watch me fuck her like I hate her, then I get ghost
Skinny bitch, you don't got the ass for me to grip on
You had to give her drugs just to fuck, boy, you a sicko
Bitch, I put that rifle in my jeans, that's why the limp strong
Had to kick that cup, that shit was fucking up my liver
When your diamonds dancing, Ruccis
They won't treat you like no nigga
You don't want me dead, you just a bitch behind the trigger
Emotional bitch might flood the city,
She keep crying all these rivers
Only reason y'all alive 'cause y'all tails always tucked
Paid three bands for this fit but I still smell like a skunk
Can't trust no bitch, but this shell's what I trust
And you can never name a time that I fell for a slut, on the gang

We some young wild niggas
I don't wanna hit your 'Wood if it ain't loud in it
All this fucking water, I might fucking drown, nigga
Potato on the barrel, it won't make a sound, nigga
.40 paint the face on you fucking clown niggas
You ain't really 'bout what you be speaking about, nigga
Knock a nigga down just for speaking down, nigga
Stomp a nigga out since you want some clout, nigga
Strike a nigga out like I'm on the mound, nigga
Free my dawg Meech out that fucking pound, nigga
Big ass chop when I'm riding around, nigga
Big ass Glock when I'm riding around, nigga
All this fuckin' guap why she bust down, nigga
Knock a nigga down, go and make me proud, nigga
I'ma hit a lick if I hit a drought, nigga
And might just hit your bitch if you bring her around, nigga

Uh, how many times I gotta say it, baby?
I be thugging 'til they take me, baby
Fuck the fame, I just tell 'em pay me
Sometimes this money drive a nigga crazy
'Cause I don't know who really for me, I don't know who real
So I gotta keep this pole, you never know for real
I already know I'm a shooter and I know some shooters
If I don't do it, they gon' do it, that's how you 'posed to do it
Five bands in four pockets in my motherfuckin' jeans
I done probably spent like fifty gettin' high and sipping lean
Now all I drink is rosé, all my bitches gon' pay
All these bitches go too, all these niggas hoes too
I could never change, I just don't got it in me
Had a two-three with four sticks when I was ridin' hemi
He had it on him, could've shot but he don't got it in him
And every time I'm in that foreign, got that Glocky with me
And you know it's one up top up in it
Shoot until we drop a nigga
Told my bitch that she can't trust the bitches
They be tryna top a nigga
Had them golds up in my mouth
Then I went and put some diamonds in it
We some young wild niggas so you know we brought some lions with us

We some young wild niggas
I don't wanna hit your 'Wood if it ain't loud in it
All this fucking water, I might fucking drown, nigga
Potato on the barrel, it won't make a sound, nigga

Writer(s): Chauncey A. Hollis, Juwon Lee, Jabbar Kingston Brown Jr., Wayman Barrow Jr.
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