Testo della canzone Nominated (Hit-Boy feat. Dom Kennedy), tratta dall'album The Chauncey Hollis Project

Nominated - Hit-Boy feat. Dom Kennedy

Desire me, desire me, des-
Let your eyes feel what you-
Desire me, desire me, des-
Let your eyes feel what you-

Brought in the guillotine
Niggas thought they ended me
You believe that
Nigga you'll believe anything
Believe it when you see it
Hit the block and I bleed it
One on one with my demons
And the score still even

Took tour leave
Think I had too much to drink
These boys dropping like eaves
Shit I did it with ease
You get it? They eavesdropping
Me? I'm just ease topping
Sport got the beat bopping
Really we locked in

Eating on this track, that's rap caviar
Promised my little sister one day that we would have it all
Uh, now look at my wrist
My shit be freezed, damn
Nah bitch these beats ain't free
For your free stash

Filled with joy, young black boy
Back and I'm bubbling like a can of lakoy
Let's take this song and go number one on your iTunes
This a song for survival
I'm praying for my rivals

I'm praying for my rivals
And that's no joke man
Niggas think they fucking with me
They on coke man
Run me my advance shit
This industry will make you wanna take something
Fuck around, break something
Roll a wood face on it
Looking at these beachfronts
Probably hit Miami
Used to shop at the alley
Now we back at the Grammy's

Saw Nipsey at staples
He told me he had some tables
All money, yeah a party
I told him that I'ma call him
But if I recall it right, I went in to work
It broke my heart when they laid the homie in the dirt
I had a dream last night and you was in it
I was feeling remorse, I think that's why you visited
To remind me we made a classic, they gotta play it
Woke up to the news, racks in the middle we nominated

That's my first nomination as an artist, too
2020, level

It ain't been nothing like this since EPMD
Watch out for the crossover
Give me space I can't breathe
If this payed for, y'all RICO
Plus I'ma Leo, Burberry my street clothes
Black lives matter it's all facts
I got the black nine with me I'm 'bout to blast
Like it's New Year's Eve in the hood
I can't picture myself leaving for good

I love the way these barbecues smells too much
These politicians keep on failing us
My head to the sky, everyday I'ma strive
To make my grandmother proud of a soldier
Hit in a Rover I play minnesota
Colorado know Im finna cook up
Another sixteen that's hitting like drugs
I'm tryna help niggas own they pub

They just wanna frost plate the local club
It's hard the judge when you from the mud
Somewhere between patient and being in a rush
Eating free lunch that's how it real was

This shit spiritual
All the years we spent on burnside
Printing T-shirts and all that

Writer(s): Chauncey Alexander Hollis, Dominic R Hunn, Justin Keith Williams
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