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Testo della canzone What Now (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album The Window

What Now - Hi-Rez

Hey, first time no rehearsal
I say fuck a second take
Nineties baby scratching the vinyls until the record break
Mister one night is all I need
No second date
I'm the rapper most likely to make you tight smh
Yeah, I'm turning heads at the stop lights
Ever since I been thinking outta the damn box huh
But more succesful than I ever been
From the city where you rarely ever wear a sweater in
Got beef better pepper it
Or don't send it my way
Because your hate is just promotion so it betters my day
And I reckon I'll stay
At the top for awhile with a smile getting high
Probably smoking a J
Stress free is how I'm living
Music's my religion
And I back 100% of the things that I'm spitting
You and I are different
We ain't on the same path
This for all who ain't believe
Bitch this is payback, take that

You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight

Music is my sunlight
And all I need is one mic
And I could show every single MC how it's done right
Every time I come by
I'm bound to leave 'em tongue tied
I'm sipping on liquor a quitter is what I'm not
We got one life
I took a minor break but I'm back to claim the throne
And go be travelin' the globe but still have time to make it home
And you gon' meet the dial tone
Cuz girl I'm hella busy
And I knew this all would happen
Just didn't think this quickly
Emotions got me iffy
And that's just to put it simply
My life is so good and all
But it just ain't worth the envy
I need to get my head straight
Can't settle for next place
Philli in the morning and New York city the next day
Life changed in the flick of a switch, uhuh
My mind's blazed with the flick of a bic, right
We smoking in the whip til it's fogged out
Haters staying quiet to my whole team
Hop out what now, bitch

You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight
You are a ray of sunlight

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