Testo della canzone Stupid B!Tch (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album Beautiful Struggle

Stupid B!Tch - Hi-Rez

Let's just tie that bitch up and throw her ass in the trunk
And lets choke her till the oxygen starts flowing through her lungs
For everything that you've done, I'mma kidnap all your sons
And make em watch you fucking beg for your life
Now isn't that fun
You a bitch with bad attentions, I hope you burn in hell
Shut the fuck up, stop screaming, nobody can hear you yell
We in the middle of nowhere bitch, I'm surprised you couldn't tell
Ho open up your mouth, I'mma cut out your tongue bitch
Then break both your fucking knees and make you suck your son's dick
Till he cums down your throat then make you fucking tongue kiss
Yay, I'm having fun, are you having fun bitch?
Maybe next time, in your next life, you'll be a little nicer
I pretended to get along with you, I never really liked you
Hey baby can you get me some gasoline and a lighter
Maybe a couple matches, I'mma set this bitch on fire
Oh and something to drink too babe, I'm thirsty
And maybe a bag of Cheetos and maybe some beef jerky
Okay look bitch, here's what the fuck's about to happen
I'mma turn the TV on and force you to watch the Kardashians
Since you think that's sexy and feel like you the classiest
Bitch you a fucking pig, I swear to god you the nastiest
You're hella insecure and you're taking it out on others
You're a shitty fucking person and suck at being a mother
I'm glad you ain't my mom, it'd be impossible to love ya
I'm guessing when growing up, neither of your parents hugged ya
I know you're probably wondering, why the fuck am I here?
And why the fuck is he torturing me while strapped in a chair?
And where did he get those scissors and why's he cutting my hair?
You cheated on all your husbands and had too many affairs
You tore a family apart, you don't even seem to care
You get off just at the thought of making good people sad
So I'mma cut off your limbs and put that shit in a bag
And go to the post office and mail that shit to your dad
So he can reminisce on all the good times that you had

Oh look my girl's back from the store with the gasoline
We gon burn this place down and then we gonna leave
This is exactly how I pictured it in every dream
Except for the part when you got in the ring with Mr. T
And I was fucking Rihanna and Madonna in a threesome
Whatever fuck that, all that shit's besides the point
Let's put an end to this shit, I'm sick of hearing your voice

Oh my god, oh my god
You fucking spit in my face
I'mma light a match and drop it
Fuck you, I'm leaving this place, bitch

Writer(s): Ocampo Christian Daniel, Friedman Jesse
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