Testo della canzone Road to Nowhere (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album A Walk To Remember

Road to Nowhere - Hi-Rez

My boy nick told me get the shit so let's have a funeral
Roses graves and a coffin black clothing man it's so
Beautiful making music daily never stuck up in the
Cubical nervous as fuck biting my nails down to the
Cuticles fuck the game up busting outa semen imma demon
A phoenix and get to beating these beats til they fucking
Screaming in class I was sleepin I was dreamin fantasizing
Of my penis and size arena and venus but huh pants
Wet then I wake up mama said to shape up bullys told
Me to pay up but I was concerned with music and gettin
My take up used to not have friends now when the hoes
They say wait up uh but I guess it's just what success
Bring hoes who blew me off now the same hoes I'm texting
Shows every weekend microphone testing everybody google
Me type in the next best thing ya I'm not mac miller
Believe me champion on the mic find me on a box of
Wheaties I dare you to compare me to mac ill take a
Pc and shove it in your ass till your spitting out
Your feces uh and if that don't stop the comparisons
Imam take every mc and just embarrass him every fan
Will stare at him watching me as I carry him to the
Cemetery ima ma fuckin burry him uh but enough of all
This violent shit im kickin back with a joint and I'm
High the fuck uh I can't spit it again grind till I
It back and listen again get a couple note books and
Like 5 or 6 pens but just know I can't be copied when
The mics in my hand I said just know I can't be copied
When the mics in my hand so look uh man at this point
I'm just rambling I got a date with destiny but she
Don't feel like answering I don't know how much longer
I can go with that bitch canceling she's the reason
I smoke until I look like I speak mandarin uh and that
Probably sounded racist but for my future sake let
Me apologize to Asians I wanna taste the good life
Cause what I'm eating's tasteless and my momas a nurse
But unlike her I aint got patients uh so hurry up its
An emergency since the days of my nursery I was rippin
It verbally personally spitting these metaphors and
Hyperboles I suggest that you get your ears checked
If you aint heard of me cause I do it perfectly the
Furthest from your average teen maybe that explains
Why all these sexy ladies added me asking can you rap
For me but they just used to laugh at me another rapper
Better call me an artist painting his master piece.

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