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Testo della canzone Pay Attention (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album The Window

Pay Attention - Hi-Rez

Hey, I never doubted myself but I doubted the ones around me
Sleeping on me all too drowsy, bet y'all wake up too lousy
People bouncing and say "Howdy!" but that's the shit I'm used to
I'm too smooth like Michael Jackson but is it there too soon
Nah I'm just paying homage, smoking like a rasta
Someone called the doctor, I'm always beg like some pasters
[?] please don't forget the past
But all the memories don't last we remeniscing through our lives
All the regrets up in the trash, the little that we had
We coin a forty sip and music known up on the lab
I take a stab in the dark, I found my passion through all
And while I'm passing this blunt, my brother's passing a rougher
Freestyle all up in the car, we living up in the moment
My mind is always open y'all narrow minded what's focused
On yourself and you beliefs and never listening to others
You could change the world by listening
But y'all a bunch of bastards, for real
I'm a make a move, and y'all just pay attention
Boy I make the rules and y'all just take the lesson
Everyday, day by day, yeah it's such a blessing
Sometimes I question Heaven like how can it be better than this
The ones who doubted are rolling blunts, and they hitting me up the smoke
Putting on a fake smile, just to take a couple toast
And the back of my mother know, you ain't even my acquaintance
But now, I'm on your playlist and you girl just send me naked
Pictures right to my e-mail, I never cared about retail
I did it on my own why y'all are hazed like low-t cells
[?] but only behind their keyboard
Now when I press records, I'm blowing like a C4
It's only up from here, ask if we can puffing here
But fuck it just poke it up with some sluts we getting cracking here
Are there any sluts in here [?] Damn, we're at the wrong show
We must've haggard our frode, only really the lord knows
Which right and wrong about what we doing tomorrow
I'm living life right, I'm never living with sorrows
In my room with the door closed, probably with a chick
We burning joints at the window and then she letting me hit
Cause I'm the shit

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