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Testo della canzone I Know (Prod. MVSIC) (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album Lost Time

I Know (Prod. MVSIC) - Hi-Rez

Man I know that I could make it, well I think
Cause I see success before my very eyes, but then I blink
But I think that I know just one day that some way I'm a make it
Sometimes I just don't think that I could take it, they sayin'
That that don't kill you make you stronger
Patience is a virtue and all that shit
But I don't know if I could wait much longer
It'd probably be easier if I just quit
And I know
That I been feelin' like a lost soul
No school, no teachers, no O's, no reefer
Sometimes I think that I should let it all go
I drop my tape in October, swear I never fall though
But look, na, cause I got fam and fans and plans and shit
I'm 'bout to hit the road hella nervous, should I cancel it?
I got no plans to roll before my shows, but can I handle it?
I always told myself that I would never be the man to quit
But fuck it, this track is bumpin' and it's got me buggin'
That school is finished but this music always taught me somethin'
And I didn't do it all for nothin'
This fuckin' shrink is talkin' to me like she's God or somethin'
And don't tell me like I'm Slim Shady, y'all don't know where I been lately
I'm Hi-Rez, got your bitch talkin' 'bout, "Get me hi, Rez, that's my Rez"
Y'all swear you know me like you raised me
Y'all talkin' shit, but can't phase me
I was immature, but that shit happened
Maybe I would stop if I quit rappin'
And give up, but I ain't no prostitute
You couldn't pay me to get fucked
That I'm a make it, well I think I might
At least that's what my family says, I'm hopin' that they right
At least that's what my homies say, I'm hopin' that they mean it
Got everybody talkin' 'bout my future like they seen it
I put in years and years that I can't get back in time
But I still do it all again if I went back in time
I would go back and rhyme every verse the same way
But I just hope in five years that I feel the same way
Bring your sleeping bags cause this shit is so intense
Now rappers sayin' take a hike, but the game's a damsel in distress
And I think I might just save her and make the whole world notice
But what if I spent my whole life tryin' to save the wrong Lois
Instead of Lane I get Griffin and realize that I don't need her
But my fam said I'm the guy, so motherfuck Peter
Who else is badder, go tell these kids that poppin' pills ain't cool
I'm on them, not cause I want them, but cause a doctor tell me to
Supporters keep me alive, I can't thank you all enough
Y'all the only reason I ain't put this down and gave this up
So I thank you
Shit's been crazy as fuck lately, know what I'm sayin'?
I never thought music would get to the point where
It actually fuckin' confused me, know what I'm sayin'?
I always, I always, it started, it started as a hobby, everything was cool
Everything was gravy, but you know what I'm sayin'
I got to the point where I'm second-guessing myself
Everything, know what I'm sayin', I fuckin', recently quit smokin'
And smokin' weed to me was an escape from reality
You know, people ask me, "Why you wanna escape reality, man?"
Fuckin', my life ain't shit, know what I'm sayin'?
You guys think it's a lot better than it is
Y'all envy mine, in reality, I fuckin' envy your life, you feel me?
Doctors got me on all kinds of shit
Fuckin', mad pills, ADHD, doesn't matter, but fuckin'
Got me on pills for depression
People, "Why you, why you depressed man?"
Dawg I be havin' the darkest thoughts in my head that I just wish would get out
Know what I'm sayin'?
It's fuckin' scary, I don't know where this shit leads
I ain't gonna fuckin' retire at 22 and play golf
Na, but for real, even through all that shit, I keep pushin'

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