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Testo della canzone Growing Love (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album The Window

Growing Love - Hi-Rez

I fell in love for the first time and second and tird time
Then I started seeing her and though it's been a blur
I still so attracted with such a passion and such excitement
I'm with her in the morning afternoon and the night
She looks the nicest in purple and blue
But she's
Often a person
But she flirt back
When I grew
My parents they don't approve
Most don't, but hey, fuck it, I do
She relieves all of my stress
Time, we make it last
She helped me forget my past
And even before my classes
I've been seeing her
And more and more often I have been needing her
Even if it's just a piece of her
I never plan on leaving her
For quite a while, if ever
Nah I think never's a better answer to give you
She'll always be there, forever
Just a message away
She'll come to lessen the pain
The stress will never remain if you're with her everyday
My inspirations are right
To love and to split my life
Always spending money on her
But our love don't have a price
When I met her for the first time
I was hella nervous
When I
Was so depressed
She would bring me to the surface
She ain't have no curfew and would come for any purpose
Confused me as a person, my need for you is so urgent
Question is if its worth it
Every morning I wake her
She more than half the reason me and my girls always break up
You never need you know makeup
She beautiful from within
They say that our love's a sin
Then why do I always win?
When I'm with her
I was duced through my friends
In middle school
I was racing fast with traveling hands
I done, give you a chance
Didn't think we would last
We broke up a few times but got together again
Shortly after
And even at times
You caused disaster at times
You helped me master my rhymes
Came as a rapper at first
You wasn't much, I would keep you on the hush
Didn't know if it was love at first sight
Or just a crush?
I still haven't gained your trust
But I can't seem to stay away
When I'm with you I ain't afraid
You helped me through the rain
You helped me through the pain
You always screamin' my name
Stuck on my brain, I love forever, Mary Jane

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