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Testo della canzone Fuck Corona Virus (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album F**k Corona Virus - Single

Fuck Corona Virus - Hi-Rez

Warning, "This is not meant to be taken seriously"
"This is strictly for entertainment purposes"

Here's a moment of silence for that Corona Virus
I'm 'bout to be endin' it's whole life, I'm 'bout to close it's eyelids
I'm sick of COVID, I'm pissed and cold, better rip it's soul
I'm gripping chrome, better flip it's dome, make it sit at home
Caromed to Corona, Arizona, Barcelona
I'm alone up in my home just hopin' not to get pneumonia
Pardon me, I'm quarantined, this monster not a part of me
Not stopping me, got this shit up in the bag, colostomies
Turning COVID-19 to a crime scene, I'm likely
To get this shit behind bars, fuck Harvey Weinstein
The virus will digest my fist if I'm sick
Invite it to my crib, I'll fight it 'til I win, uh
Pull out Clorox, four shots to door knobs
Invest in more stocks, call more cops and more docs
I'm the vaccination, virus 'bout to get assassinated
Make it pass away with half the strength of any mass invasion
Ain't gon' live inside us, I got the touch like Midas
I'm 'bout to be disguised as Billy Ray Cyrus
And blow the whole top off this bitch, like it's ISIS
You'll need more than hoarding toilet paper to stop my shit
Everybody dreading, I'ma stop this shit from spreading
Armageddon, saving every single birthday cake and wedding
I got the sanitizer, I'm fast and wiser, the analyzer
'Bout to put this virus to bed and give it a pacifier
This was just an appetizer, hungry for revenge
I'ma fight it 'til the end, that's on my family and friends
Goku verse Vegeta, I'm stopping every amiba
From spreading like gonorrhea, Craig'll say, "Bye, Felicia"
Bring out the doctors and choppers and all the coppers
'Bout to save the sons and daughters, I'ma slaughter this marauder
Someone call up the reporters, let 'em know that I'm the cure
Bringin' war to it's door, beat Corona to it's core
Clip, 'bout to get it loaded, it's a COVID, sick and hopeless
Middle finger to these millionaires gettin' so rich
Shove Corona in the backseat off the vaccine off the rap scene
Shit, whatever that mean, I'm 'bout to blow like gasoline

In all seriousness, I just wanted to make ya'll laugh or smile in
These crazy times, stop hoarding toilet paper
Stop selling hand sanitizer on offer for a hundred and fifty dollars
That's not what Gary V meant when he was talking 'bout flippin' shit
I promise you, I love ya'll
We gon' get through this, I promise, peace

Writer(s): Jesse Ian Friedman
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