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Testo della canzone Forgive & Regret (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album Forgive & Regret

Forgive & Regret - Hi-Rez

Regrettin' being so forgivin'
Everyone around me tried to make me different
I was tempted with the drugs and the women
God looking down while the Devil prolly grinning
Damn, I forgived, and I regret it
Chances are I'ma die with these confessions
Hard to count your blessings
When every day you stressin'
Chasing that perfection became my obession
I was lost with no direction
My mind became a weapon
Hell became my Heaven, I would never learn my lesson
Emptiness behind my eyes, always had a blank expression
Everybody telling lies led me to a dark depression
Damn, but I climbed up out my own grave
I was trapped up in my mind, I was my own slave
I thought these problems go away when you get so paid
But I was wrong, they just followed me the whole way

The more than I'm running, my demons just follow
Until my heart is so hollow
This life is a hard pill to swallow
Drinking liquor out the bottle
Wake up, pass out
Throwing stones in a glass house
Every single day I just have doubt
Never once had a handout
Failin' year is not an option
Relationships gettin' toxic
Hella people that depend on me, that's weighing heavy on my conscience
Finally, look like the real me
Not the old "poppin' pills" me
I am now a man of God
I won't let the Devil near me
I've been feeling so boxed in
Tell a post up I'ma box out
Never take a damn day off, always clocked in, I don't clock out
Had to make a change in my life
On the edge, I was feeling different
People I forgave in my life
Made me regret my forgiveness
God sending signs every minute
For some reason, I ain't wanna listen
Then I made a bunch of bad decisions
Started losing my ambition
Ion care about your damn opinion
My mind's a place you don't wanna visit
I don't question my destiny no more, nah, this shit is written

Please don't let me down
If you do and leave
I know my love will fade
Loyalty's all I need
If I forgive you now
Regret's all I will see
I know that you won't change
You're so drainin' to me

Forgive and regret

Writer(s): Jesse Friedman, Ryan Scott Summer
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