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Testo della canzone 3 (Hi-Rez feat. Tall), tratta dall'album 3

3 - Hi-Rez feat. Tall

When you're alone, life can be a little rough. It makes you feel like you're 3 foot
Tall. When its just you, well times can be tough. When there's no one there to catch
Your fall.
(Ay ay ay ay)
3 foot tall

(Ay ay ay ay)
Like you're 3 foot tall
(Ay ay ay ay)
3 foot tall

(Ay ay ay ay)
When there's no one there to catch your fall
I am from the cross roads, off roads

Dodging all of the pot holes, in my auto-mobile holleri'n out watch out
We lost hope like Bob Hope, so what are we supposed to follow?
Im a leader not an apostle, but I believe in the freedom that god holds
Im on the top rope, ready to jump so watch close
Been criticized and boxed out since i was a snot nosed kid
We aint livin for tomorrow we live for the lord though
Everybody tryin to fit in the crowd like wheres Waldo?

I freeze time like photographs livin for the moment
Im taking mental pictures reminiscing while i'm smokin
When I see the the light of day right away ill ride away

Cuz things i write and say give me direction like Michael Bay
I need somethin in my life because my plans, they never work out
Like when i make plans to work out cuz everything don't always turn out like you
Want them to, honest truth

Nahh aint nothin wrong with Luke go walk this path alone but i need somebody here
To talk me through, but who?
When you're alone, life can be a little rough. It makes you feel like you're 3 foot

Tall. When its just you, well times can be tough. When theres no one there to catch
Your fall 3 foot tall
Like you're 3 foot tall
3 foot tall
When theres no one there to catch your fall
I know i have my unity, community, but everyone that i did music with over the years
Disappeared, when they're aint too many still doin this

Feeling like i've gone to war, lost my soldiers on the journey
Feeling like we built a team but ONLY I WEAR THE JERSEY yea
Everything comes and goes, i dealt with the undertow
Keeping my head above the water, pushed on, now i run the show
I know this situations never perfect deal with what you got
Never bite your tongue, tell your piece don't let them shut you up
They say everything about money, nah only business
If your friends think that, then you hang round money hungry pigeons
The world is hollow y'all need to eat up i'm makin a pot roast
These people are all over themselves and i aint in to feeding no cockroach.
Roller right, i know the type don't be a gimic
Cuz everything comes full circle buddy, get it?
I aint looking for the exit, i'm tryin to show you where my head is
When you feel alone play my song and that keeps us connected.
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