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Testo della canzone What's Love (Hi-Rez feat. Kyle Dion), tratta dall'album Product of My Environment

What's Love - Hi-Rez feat. Kyle Dion

Just because we're not alone
You echo words you heard
You let me go just to watch me discern
Just because it feels the same, till the morning calls
Even ropes feel the sun so cold

I know what it's like to wake up feeling alone
Not comfortable in your skin not accepted in your home
Trying hella hard to fit in but you know you don't belong
And you trying to force a smile, but that really puts it wrong
I'm doing this shit for y'all I swear I know what you're going through
Feeling like a fucking ghost ain't nobody notice you
Trying to find the light, but the devil got a hold of you
Struggling everyday giving your all just to pull through
And if you're feeling hopeless you gotta keep going
You gotta make mistakes boy you gotta keep growing
Get up when you fall down, and give it your all now
I done fucked up so many times that I done lost count
Confused and pissed off but I know it's for a reason
I'm shedding tears and i'm bleeding
I'm anxious i'm barely breathing
Im hustling barely sleeping to make sure my family eating
I done got my ass a beating and got up asking for more
Chasing shit we dont have once we get it we dont want it
And all this stuff in front of our face we just ignore it
Everybody wanna hook up, nobody wanna love
We all got our own problem but we so quick to judge
Look up in the mirror, we all got problems
Pointing out other peoples flaws out won't solve em
If you love someone get your phone out call them
Everyday a blessing but tomorrow is a problem


I wanna be happy with what I have, i'm caught up in the madness
And I fess up i'm too focused on the women drugs and cash
[?] is better than nothing at all
Is being heartbroken better than never loving at all
Got a question, no answer, why some babies born with cancer
Why people having babies but they can't afford papers
Why girls taking pictures then grading themselves for likes
Why people still racist in this new day and time
Why we fighting bout religion, Muslim Jewish or Christian
When half the world living in poverty, millions of them children
Why we still treating kids like they ain't regular man
2015 better get with the plan
Be the change you wish see in the world like Ghandi said
Lot's of insecure dudes out here beating their girls
Why the government buy weapons, but can't provide schools
[?] and step in the door
Why glued to computers and phones
Billions of dollars are in debt but they still giving students their loans
Mama working three jobs still she losing the home
While the world ain't progressing we ain't moving at all
And if you, slip and fall gotta get back right up
If you hella broke gotta get your stacks up
If you living out your dreams let the haters crack up
Let the haters keep hating while the money piles up
It's Rez

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