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Testo della canzone Zombie (feat. Emilio Rojas) (Hi-Rez feat. Emilio Rojas), tratta dall'album Product of My Environment

Zombie (feat. Emilio Rojas) - Hi-Rez feat. Emilio Rojas

I've been feeling like a zombie man all the days just starting to blend
I wish I can go and press rewind and just start all over again
I've been in and out of therapy and I'm hanging on by a thread
So I'm living for right here and now cause I feel like I'm near the end

Look... Rez
Feel like the end around the corner but my time is right now
Ya'll don't know what I been goin' through so fuckin' pipe down
Stop thinking that I gotta live up to your hype now
And cause I got a buzz I gotta always act polite now?
So many thoughts in my head it's gettin' harder to write down
Now my music finally poppin' old friends think we tight now
Searching for the light now, been getting used to the darkness
Only break bread with the people that you starve with
Nobody know my hardships, I'm livin' in the darkness
I'm chasing after God but the Devil keep followin'
Heart - cold as the Artic
Vomiting - cause my bars sick
This industry full of puppets, someone tell me where the artists
I'm on my Brett Favre shit and all my bars starved
Going hard for the longest yard 'til I'm in my coffin
Always worked the hardest, a rookie to a starter
And every other up and comer didn't make the roster motherfucka

Now when I see you winnin' man it eat me alive
I ain't the type that'll hate
You ain't the type that I like seein' survive
All I wanted was my piece of that pie shit
But we couldn't get it together and it keeps slippin' by
How many days? how many evenings high? to try to fight the hurt
My eyes red all the time no wonder life a blur
I had a chick I would've sacrificed my life for her
Started going wrong when I started doing right by her
Uhh It's what it's like to be envied and die young
Had a mid-life crisis at twenty
I'm Cy Young all of my people are pitchin' right where they steppin'
High-strung so when they hit the lights then we jettin' errooom
Another woman 'causing me stress so I run to another woman's open arms to forget
Right, I'm getting calls 'bout how my peoples is dead and I ain't hit one of they funerals yet

I'm disconnected from reality
Ain't in this for a salary
I hope to one day make my father proud of me
The world is always mad at me
That's why I'm out here passin' weed
Wakin' up in pain my thoughts always attackin' me
Now this could end in tragedy, or this could turn to triumph
Yeah boy I'mma conquer all my fears or die tryin'
Make music to inspire
Preaching without a choir
Smokin' and gettin' higher
I was born a fuckin' fighter yeah
So throw the keys to BDG and tell him to pull the ride up
I got a coupla' females and a room at the Hyatt
Let's roll a coupla' Phillies in the hotel and get higher
In Cali like the Niners tell a hater come find us
I'm always speakin' my mind, so no label get behind us
These ignorant ass people is keepin' they third eye shut yeah
I'm tryna rise up uhh because I been down
Fuck these fake ass clowns rockin' big crowds

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