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Testo della canzone All I Have (Hi-Rez), tratta dall'album Early Release

All I Have - Hi-Rez

Rap is all I have so I stay up in the lab
I'm Glad I found you, I can't live without you Music's the only reason that I'm Still in existence
Going long with this rap, but I ain't catching a pig skin
Coding inscriptions future slowly is sleeping
But lately I just been in denial like an Egyptian
On a mission to rep for the youth
The worlds looking at me mad, guess they're facing the truth
So I stay in the booth, Just to allocate reality
Fuck School, and fucking hourly paid salary
Life's shrouding me
Music's my only passion
Lights, camera, and action
Mics, glamor, and fashion
The force of Gravity ain't stopping my attraction
To get these damn presidents
Franklin, Lincoln, and Jackson
Always rappin' holla for a feature
Full court press used to sit up in the bleachers
Wittin' the teachers, now I'm blowing speakers
Giving y'all my soul like the bottom of my sneakers

Rap is all I have so I stay up in the lab
I'm Glad I found you, I can't live without you The wide variety of music, helps anxiety
I Do it for the hell of it and not the notoriety
People saying hi to me but I'm still the same kid
Pack a bully tryin to rap in them braces
Back in middle school, people used to ridicule
Now I got a buzz and these people doing minimal
Uhh, I guess I chose the right direction
Because lately everybody just idolize my progression
I'm never stressing, life's a blessing
Haters handing out beef like a delicatessen
Live for the present, for the moment
Working on music up all night like Conan
I'm always zoning, my mind is flowing
Po and Dro up in my throat so I'm choking
Yo I'm open, pass me the rock
You know the sky ain't the limit because I'm passing the spot

Rap is all I have so I stay up in the lab
I'm Glad I found you, I can't live without you Music's All I have
It's my whole damn life
It's the reason that I'm Living
No really I ain't kidding
Boy I'm just about to take flight
About to take flight...
Yeah, I'm about to take flight
Haha, Yeah!

Rap is all I have so I stay up in the lab
I'm Glad I found you, I can't live without you

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