Testo della canzone Juggernaut (Helloween), tratta dall'album Metal Jukebox

Juggernaut - Helloween

Evolution, revolution
Are the parents of one another
Moving ever moving crushing
Everything that gets in its way

Smiles telling lies about the future
I don't wat to believe them
Pity on their faces baby
Don't you think they laugh

In your face
Wheels of justice they have fallen off
Man's on crutches
Being kicked like dogs

It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut

Politician's makin' money all the time
They murder our freedom
Filling up their pockets
While the people in the street

Lay and die
Man you're workin' hard as hell
You only end up paying more taxes
Give 'em all your money baby

Don't you think they give you a bomb
Lambs were slaughtered
For the sacrafice
Man's now offered up by his own kind

Cry for your soul
Young and old
Help your own
They will need it, heed it
Don't be caught between the stones

Economic pressure and recession
In a nation of madness
Living under fear of countries
Launching up a nuclear attack
Men are killing men with paper bullets
You may wonder how that's done
Money is the bullet
And the dirty greedy heart is the gun

It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut
Rise or fall
One and all
Sink or swim
We can win
Oh how we can do it if we try

Superpowers playing chess
Along a board with people as pieces
Taking human life
Just like they're only
Sacrificing a pawn
Don't you know the game is rigged
The best that they will do
Is a stalemate
Who will be the judge of what is right
When we are lying in graves
We'll inherit from all of our nations
Not peace, only deadly radiation

It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut
It's a jugernaut

Writer(s): Frank Marino
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