Testo della canzone Introduction (Helloween), tratta dall'album Chameleon

Introduction - Helloween

Hello I'm Johnny and I thought we were going to do the
Interview at your place.
Well, hello there Well, actually this is my place. Now just
Come in and let's sit down over there.
Yeah but weren't we going to do photographs as well?

You mean uh well what's the big deal? Let's just go for it.
Well, it's just that it's a bit bloody smokey in here. I can't see
A thing.

Oh, alright we can open a window. We might get rid of the
Smell as well I guess.

Ah, hey your English is coming along pretty good. Its not

Oh, oh yeah. thank you, thanks. But I know much people
Say that.

Ah, um, Is this me? Can we get started now or are we just
Gonna fuckin keep talking like this?

Right but please, before, let me play a little piece to you.
It's a new track I wrote. It's inspired by Kiss you know. You
Know Kiss? They got that track called "Rock'n Roll All Night"
And so I thought I'd do one called "Rock 'n' Roll All Day". Am
I not ingeniously?

Well I suppose so but don't you think we should get.

You know I thought it could become real smashing hit. I
Think it's great! Hey come over here and I'll play it to you.

No, listen, listen a minute, listen would you like to get.

No wait. listen, this is the. Now that's the. Now
You listen Ha ha.

Oh, I sung it, I sung it my own cause it's more original. Great

No, no, no, no, It's quite interesting but come on.

Oh wait, just listen.



Yes Michael but don't you think we have to.

Wait, here comes to the coming right up. This as
We say in German will be a milestone in Gemman rock history.
Here the . There, there it goes.

Michael! Michael! I'm sorry but it s not really.

What. what. OK Stop!

Michael, Michael don't you think we should um.

Oh wait wait, wait, wait. I'll wind it a bit ahead you know,
And I'll play you the solo part and because it's the best solo I
Ever played, you know.

Jesus, God damn it! I really don't think that we have the time
To do this.

Um, OK, OK. You will hear it anyway, a thousand times
When its a, when it s a hit! You'll, You'll hear it on every radio
Station and on video! Well how do you like it, it's a great track
Isn it and I like the Iyrics 'cause I wrote them and they're quite
Rock 'n roll huh?

Well actually Michael, I'm really sorry but I don't really like
It. It's not really.

Well, maybe you didn't listen properly I could maybe
Change the lyrics here or there, but it s really Kiss!

No, No.

Listen, I'll play it to you once more and then you'll admit
That it's really. No?

No, Not at all. Just look. I don't care how many times you
Play this crap to me, it still sucks!


And anyway, I mean, oh Jesus, I'm gonna go away and
Interview Roland. I mean, Jesus, what a bunch of fuckin'

What a fuckin' bunch of bullocks!

Um, well so, what's wrong with him? Maybe next time I
Should do it with someone from Kerrang.

Writer(s): Hansen Kai
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