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Testo della canzone Children of a Lesser God (Heaven Shall Burn), tratta dall'album Of Truth and Sacrifice

Children of a Lesser God - Heaven Shall Burn

This is a life led in the shadows of your greed
As all your rotten leaders
Keep on corrupting our peace
So profit craving and addicted to increase

There is no limit, no giving over
But I swear that this cold man-eating machine
Will be destroyed
And shall rust away

This is a land, crushed
By the pressure of your needs
Since mindless wastage
And consumption growing stronger
Day by day

There is this cause you once called guilt
Now you just wash it off your hands
Yes, we are the children of a lesser god
But hear my oath, we shall untie this Gordian knot!

Never kiss the hands of the swayers

This is a man, scarred by injustice and defeat
Enslaved and kept away from education
Now so frustrated and distracted
On their knees they beg for reform, they pray for rescue
To the masters of their earthly misery I swear
I'll throw just everything against my bitter fate

There is this cause, you once called guilt
Yet you just wash it off your hands
Yes, we are the children of a lesser god
But hear my oath, we shall untie this fatal knot

Never kiss the hands of the swayers
And never bow to servants and betrayers

There is no conflict, as none of you has any interest in me
Where rights of men should rule, there are just blindness
Disregard and apathy, your shining promise
This so-called pursuit of happiness, it is all exclusive
It's just a lie to keep you warm

World conquest
This baneful dogma of reckless accretion
Your highest law and order
Within the darkness of your domineering ignorance
We roam about, we go astray
And nothing you will ever hear about this struggle
About this lonely fight for survival

Writer(s): Maik Weichert
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