Testo della canzone It Is He Who Will Be King (Harry Nilsson), tratta dall'album Son of Dracula

It Is He Who Will Be King - Harry Nilsson

Along here.
We must hurry!
This way, great master, quickly! Oh no,
I shouldn't have come for you,
I should have come straight to help him
Don't reproach yourself
I might have saved him!
Whoever killed count Dracula would surely had killed you
The king of the netherworld is lost to us forever, oh, the countess.
Where did she rest?
Oh no, they couldn't have... ooh... ooh.
It seems the house of Dracula is not at an end
I knew the coming child, great master, but I was sworn to a secrecy
You did well. And now the netherworld can rejoice that a vampire
Child will be born in the manner of the human world. The countess,
She shall have a boy and he shall inherit his father's
Throne and one day shall be crowned the king of the netherworld
When will this be, great master?
Not in your lifetime, Brian, but you must prepare him
I shall undertake that task with great pride
I have been aware for some time now
That in a hundred years an occasion
Of great import will affect the house of Dracula

Ah! no!

This coronation will establish our
People once more united under one leader
Yes, indeed

Have you, have you calculated the moment?
No, not yet, all I can say is that the crown must be placed upon his
Head within the next 72 hours but which
Moment of the final hour has yet to be revealed
You are to be congratulated, my lord
Thank you, baron,
But the count may find the next 72 hours something of an ordeal
But surely not.
I hear he's in good health and well prepared for the occasion
He is, but there is something in his astrological
Chart not yet visible in the stars but I know it to be there
If there is anything I can do.
We must simply be aware and pay him every attention
Count down, there's a lot to thank you for
You are all my children, Baron Frankenstein
But he is special
It is he who will be king!

Writer(s): Paul Buckmaster, Harry Edward Nilsson
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