Testo della canzone I Was With Red Foley (The Night He Passed Away) (Hank Williams, Jr.), tratta dall'album Living Proof: The MGM Recordings 1963 - 1975

I Was With Red Foley (The Night He Passed Away) - Hank Williams, Jr.

(There'll be peace in the valley for him how we pray
I was with Red Foley the night he passed away)
We was down in Port Wayne Indiana the night the Lord took Red away
And we had to get there a little early cause we had a matinee
And when Red first went on stage it seemed that he moved and talked a little slow
But of course he went on to do his regular great show
So soon the afternoon show was over with and we all went down the street and ate
Red said he wasn't very hungry but he came along anyway
And we got done eaten and came back to the last show
But the thing just would be Red's very last well who's to know
And when he went on the stage for his own ten thousandth time
We was all back to the curtains there just shootin' the lines
But when he sang Peace In The Valley there was such a quiet still
I know I'll never forget it and anyone that was there never will
Well soon the last show was over with
And I went back to the hotel and Red gave me a call
I told him to come on over I was just starin' at the four walls
So he came over to my room he was just next door there
Lit a cigarette and sat down in the chair
And he started talkin' bout all the worries that a country music singer has
I said old Red I reckon it's not that bad
He said yeah you're workin' a lot now and you'll have 'em some day
Your dad had 'em and I have 'em I guess it's just meant that way
Then he got up and these were the last words he said
I'm awful tired now Hank and I've got to go to bed
And while I layed there with Red just a few steps away
The angels came and took him into the last golden stage
(There'll be peace in the valley for him how we pray
I was with Red Foley the night he passed away)

Writer(s): Hank Williams Jr.
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