Breakfast (feat. G-Eazy) - Ground Up feat. G-Eazy

Lord forgive me, I'm talking reckless
She from Philly, but her ass from Texas
Bad bitch, she gon' make me breakfast Lord forgive me, I'm talking reckless
She hate me but she love my necklace
Bad bitch, she gon' make me breakfast Eleven in the morning, chillin' with a Sarah
Might've been a Tara, didn't really care-a
Know I had to roll up, tap her on the shoulder
Bed over there but we slept on the sofa
Bed over there but we fucked in the cab ride back to the crib
That's backwards and shit
She woke up horny, did a nigga laundry
Made a nigga breakfast, I was kinda hungry
She ain't even eat though, said she on a diet
Pussy was a riot, how could I deny it?
So inspired, when I'm inside her
She a roughrider, never hold back, and she never too tired
Got no man but she could be lying, could be spying
Wanna be an actress, never really made it
But she still trying, she still trying


Ahem, with the bacon on the side
Friends with benefits cause she know what I provide
Got her in bed then I slid it inside, says she always loves it when I hit it from the side
Besides, I ain't never lied
On the way back home she blew me in her ride
First things first, let me tell you about the vibe
On point, I about died
Look, flippin' eggs her ass is twitching, cooking naked in the kitchen
Bro this verse it isn't fiction, I'm just feeding her addiction
Yeah, while she feeding me bacon, think it'll never work out seeing she's taken
Eating in the house of the dude she's dating, that's a lucky man
No I ain't even hatin'


I state the facts, I stay relaxed
My bitch so bad, you will pay for that
We fucked till the sunset, fade to black
Wearing nothing but her heels and a Raider hat
She's laid back, no makeup on, shawty still so fly
Cause my chick just fill my belly up, my bitch don't kill my vibe
I like the way she stay by me, she weighs my weed
And she knows when I'm not myself, fake I.D
C'est la vie, that's just life
She's just right, does that dirt but she clean up nice
Smoke and sex, no regrets
Just this once I'll be gone by lunch, damn


Writer(s): Gillum Gerald, Azar Alexander, Houshiarnejad Bijan, Mcdowell Malcolm Davon
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