Testo della canzone Realität (Greis feat. Non Phixion), tratta dall'album Eis

Realität - Greis feat. Non Phixion

The whole world is in a combat zone over religion
Economics and prisons we told y'all to listen
Nonphixion speaking on this is the beginning of war
Everybody dies so who's really winning
I'm living for now it don't matter fuck a war
I'd rather fuck on tour stack my funds some more
My mind's in a sick place fucked up getting shitfaced
It's john fun come on hun? now how the dick taste
The conscious pervert got girls passing out
From the a.t.m. you get it ass to mouth
Blast a pound it's real watch the best that play
The future is now so say goodbie to yesterday

Was geit i cha sit jahre ke klare gedanke fasse
Verfaue am alk und lüge betrüebe di klare wasser
I danke und faste sühne doch muet isch am abegheie
Vo fürige türm uf dene bluetigi fahne wäie
Wo güetigi bürger itze zu wüetige mörder wärde
Hüeteni ds für vo dene wo musig u wörter wähle
A tusige ort warte versuechige wo di gott
Und di guete gebot und mueter natur sofort lö la drungercho
Doch faus i nie meh widr innere fride finde
Und findleche wiue mi killt bevor igs chinder wittergibe
Erinner se bitte das jedes lide e sinn het
Obwou me's oft ersch usefindet we me dkrise überwindet
That's how to kill a cop shooting a black helicopter
You better look up a whole generation getting adopted
For now we're even the soldier and the rapper deuce
Should have killed bush senior before he could reproduce

Das isch realität (shit) mir si aui täter
Spitting facts grab your gats go to war with that
So holet sanität (figg) s'isch für aui z'spät
We spitting facts grab your gats go to war with that

Brooklyn to switzerland stick my dick up in your bitches ham
Rocking shows sniff a gram how i could just kill a man
Kill bush kill bin ladin up in the sex-laden
Spit rhyme ill bill action figures kids got em
This is nonphixion the truth god listen to goons
Long in the tooth futuristic saw for the youth
Open up your eyes and ears i'm talking to you
Barking the scoop pull gats back starting to shoot
This is war it ain't where y'all watching the news
Worldwide terrorism getting dropped in a suit
Dropped into that shook bubba got dropped in the back
Rocking the track reality remarkable rap

Catch a fractured head the one that left actresses dead
I aint even a rapper just a cannibal who aint been captured yet
Call in the coroner ya stuffed in a pail your buttons have failed
I'm focused when there's blood on the scale
Bitches sucking face blunt laced space when she stare
Ass worship like what r.kelly put on a chair
The town of the yanks we gangsta we glisten like shanks
Cripple your rank kill any politician for a thousand francs
I'm back at ground zero smelling people
I'm back in the projects selling evil i'm selling sequels
Jungle holocaust you faggots sipping metamucil
Rip through ya pupils so putrid catch me on euclid

Das isch realität (shit) mir si aui täter
Spitting facts grab your gats go to war with that
So holet sanität (figg) s'isch für aui z'spät
We spitting facts grab your gats go to war with that

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