Testo della canzone Pass the Shovel (Gravediggaz), tratta dall'album Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide (Special Edition)

Pass the Shovel - Gravediggaz

Off wit ya head (x)8

Yo aaaarrgh as I step out the dust
Yo my reputation is known for bloody objects
The GateKeep prevails
I'm harder as the lyrics on the holy grail
Pick up your skull then blow of the feathers
Yo I'm on a vike and hike for burried treasures
The insane terror remains out ya brain
Stalk the whole range from the darkest plains
It is I a homicidal repraisin' coming at ya
Like an evasion of the one body snatchers
I'm in ya dreams ya thoughts yo, everywhere you walk
When you speak that's the Gravedigga talk
The devils approached ya get roast
Can plant seeds on a grave with dead?
>From the darkest level of death
Rza, pass the shovel and step

Check it, check it
Up from the bottemless pit this is it
Undertaker make beats and shit that sound sick
Me I be the mental disturbed, call the doctor
See if they got the nerve to try to stop the? the? man, style that's inhuman
Scream when I sting that ass like Paul Newman
Somebody knock on wood knock, knock, knock
All boyz in the hood drop, drop, drop
When I come through with the shovel don't puzzle
Let 'em out the trouble, motherfuckin' trouble
So like Barney Rubble, back to the gravelpit
Smoke a fat spliff for the graveyard shift
Off wit ya head, off wit ya head
I wanna go where the buffalo's rome
Chop off ya head while I'm puffing on a bone
Yo I got a stack I'm never slacking when I mackin'
Styles go back to the days of Pa Backlan
Catch 'em in a suflex oh no who's next
To get wrecked pass the shovel and step

Hey y'all feel out there
Now we are ready if you are ready, ah yeah
Ah, ah, check this out
Yo, you can't fuck around wit dust boy
Dust will take you away and forget it
Unless you John Wayne or somebody can kick dust's ass

Uhh, Gravedigga right slowing force of night
Foes are froze likes tears in bright lights
I maintain my range from the bodyguard
Gravediggaz are runnin' like?
GrymReap is deep as the lochness
When ever I'm seen wackin' teens, greased out they jeans
I stomp clues to reign over the fools
Like Monsoon with the lyrical?
Doom is quick 'cause when the God attacks
90 years later you find the artifacts buried in wax
Frozen left on displayed, brothers in the ash like?
As you uncover the dark like Jurassic Park
You in search of devils with no heart
Cardiac arrest from stress is the call of death
RzaRect pass the shovel and step

Yo, slap me five on the black hand side
The styles I devise is kept to terrorize
Don't be afraid of the dark watch me spark a flow
That got my crew rippin' up the charts
'Cause I come ferioucsly no one is close to me
I bag bitches like a bag at the grocery
So get binocular so you can clock the
Propular hip-hop phantom of the opera
Now should I say figaro, figaro
The next thing you know I got a pocket full of dough
Yo and what did you expect choppin' mad necks
Pass the shovel and step, (Frukwan)

(It ain't no cure chop the bodies all over the floor) (x)4
[Better bring your holy water and crosses

Writer(s): Arnold Hamilton, Paul Huston, Ian Berkeley, Robert F Diggs
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