Testo della canzone Know What I Mean? (Gravediggaz), tratta dall'album 6 Feet Under

Know What I Mean? - Gravediggaz

It gets deep, think that you can stand it?
It gets deep, would you rather be branded?
I know I don't, cause things ain't what they seem
And nowadays, know what I mean?

Yo, articulate metaphors, flows forever more
Energized in a mobile spaceport, antiquity
Man dies in his own eniquity
Cast the fluids to over heat
Shadow the boundries, but yet complete
My mental state escapes gravity
Charge the earth like a battery, one planet to settle
I nut in the Earth to raise the sea level
A mass tons of rocks melt the boil
Up rooted through trees who leaves drip oil
My science is logic, generate his face like tectonic plates
Engraved in a thousand foot wave
Ambriotic mitosis begin to rub
A live sea air particles in a clog of blood
Diluted in mix, stripped of his richest resources
Evident remain, we traced the courses
Symbolic air lights with no appetite or thirst
A walking curse, that happened in the earth, ahhh! yo, yo

Abroad my peaks to release degrees of acid
Total the sun for every year that passes
I trigure land slides and tsunamis, remove the world armies
Blow steam through the canyon walls of Mohammad
Travel through spaces of comet, invade
Celestial bodies in the bloodstream against the coral seas
Invent medicine to heal wounds
Real tombs before the earth started to bloom
Makin' projects of illuminant objects buried deep in the closet
I exist to show the greatest story ever told
Dingilin' in complex where at the seat of raw meat and pigs feet
Never being released, psycological depression
Loss identity and dimension with no comprehensions
So I close my eyes and rest my head
And travel light years instead
Combine the force, a dark matter crashin'
Cause and effects that cause chain reactions

My direction consists of perfection
Oppositions listen to the lessons
Taught and brought up by, by decievin'
Illusions casts for those that believe in
False subtracts that catch the weak change into wicked
I kick it to teach, being able to reach my beloveds
Born below those, Frukwan rose above it
Being able to gift it and uplift it
And able to blind and see tricks to untwist it
Back by a brother that absorbed his words
Shape and mold, the song only sung by the birds
My culture is natural, sactuated actually
Degrees brought about by you and me
Mind over matter shatters the evil
Heads are dead if you live thorugh the needle
Lords are nature, crate that await you
Arrival, the survival of the fittest makes more
Problem for solvin', identity revolvin'
Character support, yo that's involvement (What? Yo)

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