Testo della canzone The Frog and the Princess (Grace Jones), tratta dall'album Slave to the Rhythm

The Frog and the Princess - Grace Jones

I was amazed when I first saw Grace Jones
She was the first to take radical fashion out of its
Predictable Parisian context
And bring it into the music scene
Where I had always thought it had belonged
The first night watching her at Le Mush
I already had decided to work with her
That night she was singing her hit song 'I need a man'
To a roomful of shrieking gay Bobby [Incomprehensible]
The ambiguity of her act was that she herself looked like a man
A man singing 'I need a man', to a bunch of men
I could see how the average guy
Could get a little scared by her physical appearance
It was so powerful, though she was, I think she was great
I photographed her in different positions, I cut her legs apart
Lengthened, turned her body to the audience
Soon I found myself living to the very fast rhythm of Grace Jones
We would go out dancing all night, every night
I was completely neglect my work
And intense hysterical romance developed between Grace and me
Then I ran out of money and realized I had to stop all this bullshit
And get back to work
I had this idea of using grace as the idea of a vehicle for my work
She had inspired me
On tour, we used to improvise thinking of an idea at breakfast
And working it out directly on stage
I decided deliberately to mythologize Grace Jones
Black shiny muscular people, aah, aerodynamic in design
'Twas to emphasize this belief that I painted Grace Jones blue, black
I am no longer sure what I fell in love with
Grace or how my idea of Grace should be
For the two years following the birth of our son
There was nothin' else in my life
Grace let me take her over completely
But then I discovered that what I was making
Was speeding too far beyond what was there
By the time our one man show reached to the U.S
I knew I'd lost her

Writer(s): T. Horn, B. Woolley, S.darlow, S. Lipson
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