Testo della canzone Certified (remix) (Glasses Malone feat. Akon, Lil Wayne, Bun B & Kam), tratta dall'album Freedom Mixtape

Certified (remix) - Glasses Malone feat. Akon, Lil Wayne, Bun B & Kam

Certified (Remix)
Glasses Malone
{Glasses Malone slowed down}
I'm certified, baby {And this the remix}
Remix, baby
Akon and Glasses
Akon and Glasses
Ha ha ha
G. Malone

{Akon in background}
Niggas spit fairy tales
G. issue the facts
Not Jeezy, but I sold my fair issue of crack
Not Weezy
You dig?
But Weezy right here
Man, this Cash Money Records, let me make it quite clear
Walkin' with the red's like fucking with the town
Know a pierce Watts nigga make a square bow down (WHOOP WHOOP!)
I'm certified baby, you better ask Cube (Yeah)
Better tread light like you wearin' glass shoes (Yeah)
Bet this crown hold a G
He don't really want beef
I'm in nice town, chillin'
Young Chris
Young Neef
Born down in the A with the boy Bohagon
Or catch me in the H, Pimp got my trunk wavin'
Find me in the 90 south, sourin' with a Nato trick (Trick)
Hex Murder, them my boys out the D's (Detriot)
Mistah F.A.B. in the Bay, Three Six in Tennessee
I'm certified baby, they just pretend to be {Akon and Glasses}

Akon (Lil' Wayne in background)
I ain't for all that beefin'
Got niggas to buck shells for no reason (Remix, baby)
Ask around the streets, man, I'm certified
Across seas, all my customers are satisfied
See, I ain't for all that beefin'
A matter of fact, I'm tryin' to chill with the squeezin' (Remix, baby)
Ask around the hood, man, I'm certified
And I hate to have to put a bullet in your mind, yeah

I'm G'd up from the feet up
So speed up
You hold up from the flow up
So ease up
It's G's up
Everybody else, get low
Cause I'm a put a hater on lockdown like it's get mo (Whoa)
I get more money, I spit more fire (Spit more fire)
I knock know-boppers and sit more higher (What)
UGK for life til death
And I'm no liar
It's R.I.P. to the Pimp
Til the day I expire
I'm a rep for the team (Team)
I got it on my back (Back)
Like Agnus holdin' on to the world, and that's a fact
I'm a hop off in this slab (Slab)
Then get back on the grind (On the grind)
So I can get this Trill movement on they mind (On they mind)
Rockin' my Coogi Air Jordans and a beehat (Beehat)
Sippin' on syrup and white
Can you see that? (See that)
UGK for life is more than a tatoo
Disrespect, we comin' at you
Me, Wayne {Akon and Glasses}

Repeat (3)
I'm certified, word to God (Trick)
From the dirty side
Disrespect the clique
Be the victim of a murder ride
Yeah, you heard of pride up before destruction
That's cause we done cut more hide up than alien abduction
And done had
More suction on my gun than a vacuum
Of justice on the run
In the back room
Ever since the crack boom, prostitutes callin'
Gangstas do they thang from Watts and we be ballin'

And in my noon do
Starin' at the moon roof
Two yellow women and they poppin' like balloons do
Two pistols, I ain't gotta pop 'em cause my goons do
Boy, we'll bust your grape and turn it into prune juice
Man, they gon' think I'm Lil' Boosie when I zoom through
And I'm gonna be when my dawgs like goof troop
Money over female dawgs, bitch, roof, roof
I'm a beast, I'm a Dogg, I'm a new Snoop
Heh heh heh
And I'm ballin' like
Fade away (Fade away)
She all on my Oscar Meyer like Labor Day
Heh heh heh
Now you could walk, crawl or skate away
But not me (Why)
Because I
Rrrrrrun this bitch (Ok)
And I'm a keep
Runnin' on
I keep
Runnin', but I'm never runnin' out of money
I'm a dawg, I'm a stunt
If I don't nothin' Weezy
Hot like the sun, they better get ya {Akon and Glasses}


Writer(s): Aldrin Davis, Alianne Thiam, Charles Pennimon
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