Testo della canzone Do Gooders (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow) (Georgia Anne Muldrow), tratta dall'album We Are The Ones……(We've Been Waiting For)

Do Gooders (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow) - Georgia Anne Muldrow

People are people we just misunderstood
Just maybe there's a good person under the hood
I remember one day, I sought to help a lady with the flash
She miss my smile, staring at my thatch
"You need help?", I asked
She looked surprised
I do it for my mum, lady open your eyes

Realized that looks have nothing to do
Don't judge that book, you haven't read them through
Like when I was younger, I was blessing up to me
A sweet homeless lady, walking 'round bare feet
She overheard us kids
All thirsty and broke
She never hesitated, pulled a dollar out, no joke

Got off work and I go to town
Walked to the parking lot
Hopped in my ride to get heat on my wheel
Put the pipe down, back between the seat
And cruise my caprice classic up the street
Turn the corner, but cop pulled next to me
Followed by not one, not two but three
Pulled me over, guns drawn and cops ready to attack
And then they jumped on my back
Cuffed me up and said I fit the description because I wore a cap man, are you kidding?
But I can see one cop, felt real bad after he searching my car, I left my weed on the dash

Do gooders
Do gooders
Do, do, do gooders
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do gooders

I got the homies in the hood (I got my mama home)
Let's just call 'em well
Every since you brought the number home, I can't call 'em
Last time I saw 'em in the midst he burst his column
Miss my homie, I haven't seen 'em since autumn
Ever since that fool got down with the tweakers
He stopped hearing songs like sound of the seekers
We used to break down to ground if we're not the speakers

Now I be friending on this girl to either keep her
To hide the way from meeting the grim reaper
To light the day, keeping the main deeper
We're wishing of a way to help 'em
'Cause I don't know if the refuge brought the cool
Relax and take a breather

So who? Hood's my last name
The fan of flames, black frame, make scrays, hair straight
Curly, wavy, frizzy
Steepy, nappy nigga
I be led to a lot of segment with men and women, had to let it, naughty dread

Been into many situations to call one off the top
Rocking a tie at the bus stop
Even then had cops crouch
Behind doors with their guns cocked, not
Know when they stop, the king Asylum
Rebel lie in rebellion, I am angelic
It's elusive discovery, heaven and hell
Sinking deep into the sediment, the sediment sail

It was a warm day, I was sitting alone
'Til a kid came up and asked me for bone
Told him I don't smoke and he said "don't tell, if you're interested, got that palm tree for sale"
Sat at the end of the bench
I was sitting on a car and a lot played a bit
He was sitting on, didn't dawn on him 'til he passed me the flour
Interrupted B7 barsteap elemento

Visionaries helped me change my sight
Thought me to do good, then love my life
Grew up at 20, grip got that money gripped
Then realized it was also genocidals

Whoa, and ain't no coming back from that (from that)
So get your mind right while you got time to get your mind right
Hell, we all the same, huh, we just got different names
And you only talk about them 'cause you feeling insecure
The do gooders
Nevertheless, we strive and stress to move forward, seeing forward

Star wars, star wars, star force living light
Heating up the landscapes providing this planet's life
Star wars, star force, star force living light
Heating up the landscapes, visionaries provide insight

Do gooders
Do, do gooders
Do, do gooders
Do, do, do, do, do gooders (gooders)

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