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Testo della canzone How We Do (album version) (Game feat. 50 Cent), tratta dall'album How We Do

How We Do (album version) - Game feat. 50 Cent

This is how we do
We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club
This is how we do
Nobody do it like we do it so show us some love
This is how we do
We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club
This is how we do
Nobody do it like we do it so show us some love

Fresh like, unh, Impala, unh
Chrome hydraulics, 808 drums
You don't want, none
Nigga better, run
When beef is on, I'll pop that, trunk
Come get, some
Pistol grip, pump
If a nigga step on my white Air, Ones
This red, rum
Ready here it, come
Compton, unh
Dre found me in the slums
Selling that skunk, one hand on my gun
I was selling rocks when Master P was saying "Unnnh"
Buck pass the blunt
These G-Unit girls just want to have, fun
Coke and rum
Got weed on the tongue
I'm banging with my hand up her dress like, unh
I'll make her cum, purple haze in my lungs
Whole gang in the front in case a nigga want to, stunt

I put Lamborghini doors on that Es-co-lade
Low pro so look like I'm riding on blades
In one year man, you know I'm so paid
I have a straight bitch in the telly going both ways (Ah!)
Touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
I give it to you just how you like it, girl
You now rocking with the best tre pound on my hip
Teflon on my chest
They say I'm no good
Because I'm so hood
Rich folks do not want me around
Because shit might pop off, or when shit pop off
Somebody going to get laid the fuck out
They call me new money, say I have no class
I'm from the bottom, I came up too fast
The hell if I care, I'm just here to get my cash
Boujie ass bitches, you can kiss my ass

I put gold Daytonas on that cherry six four
White walls so clean look like I'm riding on Vogues
Hit one switch man, that ass so low
Cali got niggas in New York riding on hundred spokes
Touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
I give it to you just how you like it, girl
You know I'm rocking with the best four pound on my hip
Gold chain on my chest (Ah!)

50, unh
Bentley, unh
Em came and got a nigga fresh out the, slum
Automatic, gun
Fuck a one-on-one
We wrap up your punk ass, stunt and you done
Homie, it's Game time

You ready? Here I come
Call Lloyd Banks and get this motherfucker, crunk
It took two, months
But 50 got it done
Signed with G-Unit
Had niggas like, "Huh?"
Don't try to front
I'll leave your ass, slumped
Thinking I'm a punk
Get your fucking head, lumped
50 got a, gun

Ready here he come
Got to sick, vendetta
To get this, cheddar
Meet my Ba, retta
The drama, setter
Sip Ama, retta
My flow sounds, better
Than average
On tracks I'm a savage
I damage
Any nigga trying to front on my clique (G-Unit!)

Writer(s): Curtis James Jackson, Andre Romell Young, Vaughan Mason, Duane Hughes, Russell Deyo, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, Michael Elizondo Jr., Michael A Jr Elizondo, Michael Elizando, Vaughan Carrington Mason
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