Don't Let Me GO (feat. Grace) - G-Eazy

If we shall dance we shall dance for the night
I wish for love but sweet love takes her time
Hand on my heart, allegiance to the night
Every star waits for the darkness to shine
Why do I cry when the tears never dry?
Why do I drown when I look through your eyes?
Love is the morning that succeeds the night
I was gone by the first sign of the light

When it's dark out
I search for love but don't find it
Just sex 'n' drugs but don't mind it
Because nothing's real I'm reminded
And I do suppose

Ignorance is bliss truth be told
They say go smash these groupie hoes
And spend money on some newer clothes
And put poison up through your nose

Well, eventually everything fades
Even the brightest of colors turn greys
Highs comes down but the pain still stays
Even the longest of nights turn days

Then wake up and it's over
Love to escape 'cause I hate being sober
And you and I we never had closure
We just knew when it was over

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

Troubled mind of an artist
But the star comes alive in the darkness
Late nights Lower East Side apartments
But the night is impossible to harness
Soon as comes it departs us
Couldn't stay and love you so I became heartless

Lost track of our long term targets
Live and die young leave a beautiful carcass
Thinkin' when we just had met
Realizing now that it just wasn't meant
But how would we know if the time wasn't spent?
If only we could live where the sun doesn't set

Somewhere it's always light out and happy
You and I were like a Sid Vicious and Nancy
I mean it was bound to be tragic
It's no way this ever coulda lasted

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

Writer(s): Carl Sigman, Peter Ighile, Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein, Christoph Andersson, Gerald Gillum, Grace M. Sewell, Ame Asabe Ighile
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