Everything right
Everything right
Everything right
Everything right
All these niggas
Everything right, you back in Givenchy
I only drink Actavis, I'm on a diet
I'ma chase it like Hussain
All this money bring a nigga new pain (woah, woah, woah)
Yeah, yeah

I got at least 200 hoes
Fresh to death, and I leave my current in a doze
Up and down you ain't receive nothin' 'bout this dough
And these hundreds ain't goin' nowhere like a moat

I bought my moms a car, it felt amazin'
My niggas bangin' burgundy like the Redskins
I got all type of tattoos on my fuckin' shin
I was in a white and red Maybach like peppermints
I've been blown a mil' on jewelry, but it's past tense
Super charge it, make it sound like it's raggly
I'm ridin' with the cutter, I'm Blood like my brothers, a MAC 10
Diamonds on me talkin', they harassin'
No shoulda, coulda, woulda, I got these racks in
Came a long way from a Chevy
Now we spend millions on cribs
You get somethin' too, don't trip
My eyes 'bout low as a brim
I smoke the tree limb, tree limb
No gang, big deal

I'm tryna pop a wheelie in a Lamborghini standin' on two wheels
I got the racks on me, now I can buy me a cruise ship
I just got an iPhone 8 and already stored it with 200 hoes
You can smell the money on me, it comes from off my clothes
My Jordan fits, yeah, are never found in stores
You might as well gon', gon', gon' home
Money long, long, long, long
All way up to Mercury
Any time I come out, gotta step out with a three piece
I've been in my bag lately, take three drugs at once lately
Got every shade of Tom Ford, I can spot fugazi
I came out the slums, I got Hermes in a headlock
If she ain't up to par, she 'bout to get dead docked
Between my diamonds and my fame, became so anxious
I sit at the top of the throne, yeah, 'cause I'm righteous
Got a few vice lords for some friends, some of 'em disciples
And can't nothin' come between niggas like us

Yeah yeah, I got at least 200 hoes
Fresh to death, and I leave my current in a doze
Up and down you ain't receive nothin' 'bout this dough
And these hundreds ain't goin' nowhere like a moat

Writer(s): Nayvadius Wilburn, Jeffery Lamar Williams, Wesley Tyler Glass, Max Lord, Jeffrey Lacroix
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