Testo della canzone Ocho Cinco (French Montana feat. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy), tratta dall'album Excuse My French (Deluxe)

Ocho Cinco - French Montana feat. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy

O.B.G Nigga
Haanh, Los
Orginal Bad Boy Game
What They Talking 'Bout
(Coke Boys)
Hear Them Niggas Talking, What They Talkin' 'Bout
(What They Talkin' 'Bout, Montana)
Hear A Lot'A Niggas What They Talkin' 'Bout
(We Gonna Start Throwing These Aside Every Week)

I See'em Man, Niggas From The Side Watching, Haanh
Gotta Hundred Grand In My Side Pocket
A The Hustlers Love It
You Know I Speak The Lingo
Told That Bitch Give Me Head
Ocho Cinco (Ocho Cinco 3X)
Told That Bitch Give Me Head
Ocho Cinco, Haanh

{French Montana}
Face Down, Ass Up
Pull Up In That Spaceship With That Top Down
Bitch Pass Out, Chain Light Up They Blackout (Bling)
Im Like Haanh, Ocho Cinco, Thats A Head Banger
I See A Bitch Lookin' Thirsty, Told Her Gon' Drink Up
I Head Hunt, That New Nigga, And What
Shorty Got That Ocho Good Head,
And Butt Im Like (Coke Boy Baby) Haanh (Let's Go)
All I got For Bitches Is Pipe Water, I ' Da Came Up Off Night Order

Look, MGK, Give My Head 'Til My Legs Shake (Burrahh)
She Give Me The Brain, But That Doesn't Explain Why These Lames Be Lovin' And Cuffin' These Bitches I Don't Know Shit About 'Em But They Head Shake (Haanh) Fuck That Pussy 'Til Her Legs Break
Bustin', Got A Dirty Dozen Of Them Wild Thangs Waiting In The Room Like An Egg Crate
Uhh, B. A. D., Boy, Ho,
And I Got B. A. D., Bitches For My Boys, So
Treat Them Like Royal, Serving, Black Suburban
Swervin' Through The Hood Getting Head Like Turban
Any Job A Good Job,
So, She Get A Blowjob
Suckin' It From Nine to Five That Bitch Workin'

Man I Say Pimps Up, Hoes Down
I Say That To Say That I Only Recognize Bitches With They Lips Up, Or From The Nose Down
I Tell Her Nose Dive Then Go Down (Woop 5X; Let's Go)
Bitch, Im Cold As Ice Water (Ice Water; Water 3X)
Put Dick Way Down Yo Throat Until Yo Eyes Water
Oh, Lemme Get That For Ya, Lil' Mama Cause You Workin' (Workin')
They Way You Twerkin', You Could Fuck Around And Get A Birkin'
She Like To Crack The Dutch Down The Middle
Drop Her Purpin', Let Me Fuck Her In The Telly
Screaming Open Up The Curtains
Like (Don't Stop, Pop That, Pop That)
You Know French Cuts, She Got On French Cuts
I Don't French Kiss, I Let My Friends Cut
Me And Red In An All Red Benz Truck

{Red Cafe}
I, I, I, I Told French, I Told Los
I Get Good Head While Im Chauffeured
Mama Told Me Get A Nice Girl With A Good Head On Her Shoulders
Shake Down (Shake Down)
Came Up On Them Back Blocks
Her Face On My Belt-Buckle, Thats What I Call Lap Top
Side Niggas From The Side Watching
Guess They Got A Side View
Puff Got Me In His Penthouse Thats My View,
Thats My Crew, They Shinin'
She Only Came So She Could Come Boss
And Her FIrst Choice Was The Number One Boss (Yeah, Boss)

Niggas From The Side Watchin'
(Aye Yo, Yo Fuck That Choreo)
Gotta Hundred Grand In My Side Pocket
(Hold On Wit' That Choreo, Stop The Music,
Let Me Get Some Of This Shit, Check This Out Man,
Woop, Check This Out 2X)

{P Diddy}
Yo, Bitch, Im A Motherfucking Livin' Legend
Im 'Bout To Send These Niggas Through They Fifth Depression
In My Absenses Niggas Speaking Silly
I Could Stand On A Mountain,
And The Streets Will Feel Me
(Can You Feel 3X)
Feel The Rush Of That BAD Boy
O. B. G. And That O. G.
Don't O.D. Cause That Bad Boy
(Bad Boy 2X)
She Feel Royal When 'Round 'Dis (Haanh)
King Combs, Now Gimme Crown, Bitch (Biotch, Haanh)

Ocho Cinco, Haanh, Coke Boys, Baby

Writer(s): Unknown Writer, Kharbouch Karim, Watson Robert Deandre, Combs Sean J, Pittman Tyree Lamar, Baker Richard Colson, Coleman Carlos
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