Testo della canzone Cavalier (Four Horsemen), tratta dall'album The Horsemen Project

Cavalier - Four Horsemen

Horsemen, Killah Priest, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Canibus
(Ain't no way I'm gonna let these bitch ass niggas come and get me)
Come on nigga, you want it?
{Horsemen nigga, smashin' the through the fuckin' cut}
(Ain't no way I'm gonna let these bitch ass niggas come and get me)
Don't be scared! {Horsemen nigga, and we just don't give a fuck}
Come on, ya'll want it?
(Ain't no way I'm gonna let these bitch ass niggas come and get me)
{Horsemen nigga, Horsemen} How 'bout you?
(Ain't no way I'm gonna let these bitch ass niggas come and get me)
Spittin' shit, clipped and tipped in dip
I got somethin' to hold and lift
I'm a frontline marine, throwin' sixteen
Clap niggas like the palm, my hands and tambourines
I step out the spot and merge like submarines
Cause the first thing in my eye sight is seen
And I'm set for the parade, the steppin' and stompin'
Fire breathin' like dragons, unloadin' like Magnums
Steppin' out the bushes, palmin' and pushin'
Everybody back, just standin' and lookin'
Startled, just standin' and lookin'
Didn't know niggas so thorough would be so shooken
Cause I heard it all through the force
That bitch niggas like ya'll lookin' for us
But check this nigga, I'm here nigga
With the double desert E, shakin' bomb head nigga
In my palm, scenic Vietnam here nigga
Ain't no way I'm gonna let these bitch ass niggas come and get me. get me
Theres absolutely no way to get me
The Ripper is more talented than Mr. Ripley
And more risky than circus gypsies
Born in the 50's, and was rippin' by the 60's
And still remember the first time that I removed the man's kidneys
With these, it's like a Nightmare on Elm Street dream
Mini machetes sharper than wolverines
Inject us to the next session, and suppress the screams
Leave clues behind for the forensics team that inspects the scene
A serial killing machine to the extreme
A all eye seeing in-theory-ial being, surgically supreme MD, slash MC
Slash you across the cheek, and leave a gash that bleeds profusely
Truthfully the cut is too deep
And the mothafuckin' rippers runnin' loose through the streets
Slippery as WD40 oozin' from the feet
Cause ain't no way I'm gonna let you bitch ass niggas come and get me
Half man, half H-O-R-S-E, was it the devil of God to bless me
Come test me (Bitch niggas, let these niggas know cuz)
I throw flames, burn down bridges, my code name
The infernal, burn slow but burn internal
Melt niggas like plastic, face lookin' like jurassics
My brain full of psychotics and madness
You 'tarted sarcastic graphtics
Stomp niggas in the ashes, 'till they vaporate up in gasses
Then I throw on futuristic optic glasses
So I could see they asses, then I come out, flashes
Hold your breath, this is gonna be a slow death
My First strike, I will cut out your lights
After my second strike, I will totally extinct life
I come in sudden like a cobra's bite
I curse so bad, I make vultures fight
My insight goes back to the Vulcan rights
Medieval, I leave niggas in the cathedral
Rest in peaceful, 'till the ground opens and the beast moves
The gladiator, Dark Vader, with animal behavior
You try to front, and the pieces slaver
See, stupid niggas get dough and floss all they got
Grimey niggas crawl off the hood in celebrity shop
Jack the nigga for his car, cash and watch
But any immortal words than 2Pac (What)
Niggas gon' hate you for whatever you do
Masturbate dirty 380's and fuck you
With God as my witness, I refuse to loose
Try to come get me, I'm takin' ya'll with me, fuck that!
Uhh, no way, Ain't no way! (Ain't no way)
Horsemen stop, Ain't no way Horsemen stop
(You could come and get the Horsemen)
Ain't no way Horsemen stop (Ain't no way)
Ain't no way Horsemen stop
(You could come and get the Horsemen)
Ain't no way Horsemen stop
(The Headless Horsemen, Death and War)
Ain't no way Horsemen stop
Ain't no way Horsemen stop (Yeah, yeah)
Ain't no way (All for one and one for all, The Horsemen)
Ain't no way, Ain't no way, worldwide
(Gladiator, mayhem and chaos)

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