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Testo della canzone I've Wanted You (First Aid Kit), tratta dall'album Tender Offerings

I've Wanted You - First Aid Kit

There's this image of you that I can't shake
That day we drove out to the ocean
So many things I wanted to say
But I knew it, it was all in vain

Life doesn't give you hoops to jump through
It gives you tireless roads to cross
This sadness came over me
So in love, so at a loss

I've wanted you
For so very long

I've been feeling so in between things
Sadness stuckin' alone
Even when I'm as high as I can get
I can't forget I'm on my own

Keep thinkin' I can escape this
But there are no red shoes to tap
Just endless crawling through a desert
And babe, there never was a map

I've wanted you
For so very long
Ohh, ohhh
Ohh, ohhh

All the people I have grown to love
That I've had to leave behind
Because that was the way the road turned
I'm sorry I have let you down

You caught me in a moment
When I was trying to catch the wind
Thought there was some kind of magic
But there was just well executed tricks

I've wanted you
For so very long

This is what time does to us
We try to fight and never win
There's no plot to follow here
Just repetition of the same old sin

But I keep thinking that I've found it
A way to fill up the empty parts in me
If it's all temporary
I guess I'll have to wait and see

But I've wanted you
For so very long
Ohh, ohhh
Ohh, ohhh

The woman who lives above me
I hear her listen to the radio
She loves the old time stations
They sing "Lover, don't let me go"

And I have been there before
In that place of desperate need
I'm not ready to go back there
To wait for someone else to leave

But I've wanted you
For so very long

So now I'm turnin' all my lights out
I don't know where you are tonight
Can feel so close and yet so far away
Within the blinking of an eye

I convince myself I have answers
But I always call my bluff
All I have is my love to give
Some day that might be enough

But I've wanted you
For so very long
I've wanted you
For so very long
Ohh, ohhh, ohh, ohhh
Ohh, ohhh, ohh, ohhh

Writer(s): Johanna Soderberg, Klara Soderberg
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