Testo della canzone Finding the Key (Fiona Apple), tratta dall'album iTunes Originals: Fiona Apple

Finding the Key - Fiona Apple

I love, love, love, love, love all my books that I have about
Like words and phrase, origin and obscure words, and slang
Mmm, I love finding out about a phrase or a word that I really like, you know
And I love, I love the idea, something that I do like, I feel like this is all pretend sometimes
But something that I do take seriously and this is probably the seriously part is
That I love to find a phrase that I haven't heard be used and then put it in a song
Especially know if it sounds very rhythmic and I love to put it in a song
And then have people have to go and find out what that phrase
Because then I actually feel like maybe I re-introduced it into the language
And that feels important to me, like, you know, I can think of them offhand
But there so many things that like it's, aaa, my songs, a lot of the time will start off because of a word that I learned
And because that word will all the sudden have a million different rhymes to it
And then somehow everything just makes sense it's not like I'm contriving it
You know, it's not, it's not contrived it's just like, it's like finding a key to something you hear, one word
And then everything else just falls in the place and you realize
And then once the song falls into place then I realized
Oh I realize what I've been feeling lately
Like I don't even know what I'm trying to write in a song about until one word leads me someplace
And a better version of me which one I first wrote
I can't remember who read the lyrics, but somebody really pissed me off
Because they criticized me for my writing because they were like it's not that personal
And this particular song has no one can understand what I was saying, because it starts out
Mmm, the nickel drops when I was on my way beyond the Rubicon
And I just found out about what the Rubicon, was the river that Caesar crossed over
And then he knows, once you say that, was when he said the die's cast
So basically means, mmm you know
Once you make a decision that you can't go back on
That's going to change everything for better or worse
And I saw that, and that was just like a regular dictionary just looking through
And I saw a Rubicon, and I liked how it looked
And I read what it meant and all of a sudden, you know
Rubicon and then the rhymes came in
It just made sense to me, I applied it to my life and then it became a song

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