Does Anybody Know - Fat Joe

[Fat Joe imitating KRS-One]
Wa-ta-ta-tang, wa-ta-ta-tang, tang
Listen to my nine millimeter go BANG!

[Sample - "Joe" by Jackie Moore]
Does anybody know... Joe...

[Fat Joe]
This is death to Fat Joe, birth of Cook
Sing to 'em niggaz

["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]
Does anybody know, how I can get in touch with Joe

[Fat Joe over "Joe" sample]
Definition of a Don, "Jealous Ones Still Envy" - CRACK!
Yeah, we sold 5 and we ridin, we still ridin
Touched the down, and he's down
See the God in the hood, Dade County, BX, wherever

[Fat Joe]
Can you hear that? Niggaz that's the winds of change
Blowin through your city, here comes the pain
They say, the more things change, the more stay the same
So I, grip on that same 9 I held in '88
My momma askin - {"where did he go"}
She up the block frantic - {"where did he go"}
Cops combin the streets harassin - {"where did he go"}
But little did they know - {"where did he go"}
That I was on that Greyhound watchin white turn green
Renegades, we don't wait 'til the light turn green
We just, break the rules and live a life obscene
I been Crack, way before the shit hits the scene
You couldn't even imagine what my eyes done seen
But now it's - I'm a thug, I'm a killer
I'm a drug dealin nigga from the hood, God damnit I'm good
I'm out, I swear after this disc I will quit
Pun if you listenin God you truly been this

["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]
Does anybody know, how I can get in touch with Joe

[Fat Joe over "Joe" sample]
Yeah, hahahaha
All my niggaz locked down, all my nigga BX niggaz we ridin
Blap blap blap! Guess who? Yeah

[Fat Joe]
Imagine some old foe with no fire
The God done ran off and retired
No "Lean Back" "New York, New York" anthems
No rappers these ladies, call handsome
Me I'm just dancin, velvet LaPelle
In the Phantom slow rollin watchin Dave Chapelle
I blow smoke now, the stress done got me
Runnin in the sand like a scene from Rocky
{"where did he go"} I'm tryin find myself
It's hard when you the only one supplyin the wealth
And if I fall off, who can I ask for help?
Not a damn soul, my mind is outta control
It's like the Hammer story stands out; can't walk through the Bronx
Cause e'ry muh'fucker got his fuckin hands out
Every day somebody new 'sposed to blast me
Changed my phone number, got everybody askin

["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]
Does anybody know, how I can get in touch with Joe

[Fat Joe over "Joe" sample]
Yeah, hahaha
More money more problems
Yup, it's Cook!

[Fat Joe over "Joe" sample]
Joseph Carter, that's who I be
I'm still runnin the Carter, that's how we eat
Niggaz, don't even bother cause that's when we meet
In the middle of the projects, clappin them heats
There's never been a rapper this credible as Joe
Dropped "The Incredible," I'm better with the flow
And e'rybody's askin where did he go
Real simple, stop askin for Joe, it's Cook Coke

["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]
Does anybody know, how I can get in touch with Joe

[Fat Joe over "Joe" sample]
Yeah, Cook motherfuckin Coke!
BX borough niggaz, yeah...
Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, L.V., Streetrunner
Peace to the money man, Macho
Chigga Brown, J.B., Raoul, DJ Serge
Ha ha, Kato rest in peace
Chi-Town stand the fuck up - HOLLA!
My nigga Mack Dime on the West coast, my nigga Wavy
All my chicanos, all my vatos locos out there
Reppin the browns, the homey Cartoon
Mexico, yeah.
{"where did he go"} it's Crack!
{"where did he go"}
{"where did he go"}
{"where did he go"}

["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]
Does anybody know, how I can get in touch with Joe

Writer(s): Norman Harris, Allan Felder, Kenneth Gamble, Johnny Mollings, Joseph Anthony Cartagena, Leonardo Mollings
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