Testo della canzone Unremarkable (ExP), tratta dall'album RemarkableUnremarkable

Unremarkable - ExP

I stay hidden cos my hidey hole holds my whole hope/
... Everything under one roof, I don't go/
Out, poking my nose in a globe I can't control/
I'm never satisfied when I'm too far from home/
But, if you don't challenge your boundaries then you're bound to be/
Floundering round 'till you drown in the ground you seem/
So attached to defend/
No good asking if Ben/
Will make a lasting attempt/
To write a rap without friends/
Cos I need the support, if I'm conceiving a thought/
Need people to agree with it before I even record/
I got noooooo self esteem anymore/
And as I withdraw from society, it's weakening more/
Cos basically I'm an ego maniac who thrives on feedback/
Forget that, but remember every time someone called me crap/
A tree sap of a 6ft3 chap/
Who needs enemies with inner monologues like we have?//

Nobody, that's who, I'm unremarkable/
My generation, that's Who, I'm unremarkable/
Got a few tattoos, I'm unremarkable/
Did ok at school, I'm unremarkable//

(Gotta do a second verse)... I forgot how to write 'em/
So used to doing one verse and hoping to God it's inspiring/
And nine times out of ten it's probably not/
Even this might end up deleted from my desktop/
I hate being in the same place when people play my music/
Make sense of that, I know I was born to do this/
But you play my new ish with me in the room/
And I'll either cringe, turn it off, or leave 'till you do/
Happy for people to play it though, fill your boots/
I'm proud enough of the sound of it, I mainly cringe at you/
Cos I'm expecting you to take it in but know that you can't/
For example I wrote this track at 1 AM in the dark/
And changed this word and that word and made sure it fitted/
And the first time you play it, all that work's done in minutes/
And you can judge it like a piece of art/
Up to you if it leaves a mark/
And that's why I love it when people start/
With that whole "rap is too fast for me" malarkey/
"I don't mind the music but only partly/
The guy saying words kinda ruined the party"/
And we turn up to headline they say, "who are we?"//

... Well, kinda did and didn't/
In middle school my folks thought not enough shits were given/
So I'd do work set for me to up my level/
It gave the impression I was more intelligent than the rebels/
But a little home schooling only takes you so far/
And I paid attention less cos I thought I was smart/
...And people caught up while I slowed right down/
Thought I'd regret it but I don't right now/
A degree gets you nothing but debt/
Debt gets you nothing but vexed/
Being vexed gets you nothing but stressed/
Being stressed gets you nothing but death/
And I love living: it's the best, there's not enough of it left/
But I've bin wallowing a few years with family issues/
Coulda done an album tryna make you grab your tissues/
But I'd rather stay upbeat, with my usual grin/
And make people say, "ExP!... I don't know who that is"//

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