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Remarkable - ExP

So don't worry if you think you're not remarkable/
Most humans think they haven't come far at all/
And that's the truth but don't just take it from me...
You were made in a star and every particle/
Came together to make you the finished article/
The chance of you defies all probability
(Believe, so leave, it be, you'll see)//

You are the infinitesimal un-likeliness/
The result of everything since the big bang provided us/
With all the elements that make life from dust/
And enough time to go from simple life to... "huh?"/
Somehow we perceive and have a consciousness/
But there's a consequence, what we want is just/
Confused between our instincts from prehistoric times/
Food, shelter and passing our genetics down the line/
And modern times, how we feel, how they feel about you/
What you think, what you want, what you needed to do/
We're the intellectual equivalent of supermarket shopping/
Too much choice, too much freedom, too much option/
Some take what they see: get straight off the aisle/
Some stand making decisions, it may take them a while/
Some of them are straight in denial and often miss out/
But I tell you I hate shopping, I'm forever in doubt/
I'm not one of the celebrities - done nothing with my life/
My accomplishments are minimal, got lucky with my wife/
I got lucky with my current job and lucky with my family/
Got lucky being born at all, but luck is not a plan B/
It's not a fall back - it's funny how we exist/
Just keep on plodding up a mountain of mist/
Knowing at some point: we'll fall down off a cliff/
And your brain gets the better of you, drowns you in lists/
...You can't relax before you tick 'em off/
For every little job you do another sixty's not/
I've discovered you're either a pessimist with too much to do/
Or a hedonist who snoozed and he losed... lost//

I knew I wanted to make music for the rest of my days/
...And that's all I've done and now the time is ebbing away/
And I've killed many projects cos they weren't the best ones I made/
And then I wrote this stuff and
Still thought that the message was vague/
And recently I've been waking every day in a rage/
Angry at each and every thing I feel that gets in my way/
Until I realised everything I have is not here to stay/
And I should even be thankful for things that feel like a pain/
Cos feeling feelings is the very definition of life/
And needing reasons for existing's inefficient on time/
And each and every person feels they need a piece of the pie/
They're either greedy or they seem to lose their seat in the line/
I've been in pieces recently, the Grim Reaper will hide/
And wait until you breathe easy then unreasonably strike/
And leave your family devastated who plea for rewind/
...But this is all part of a human being's design/
And we're so quick to forget that we're a miracle/
The statistics on people's happiness these days is pitiful/
They'll say you should become something to be an individual/
But you're the original and greatest there's ever been of you//

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