Testo della canzone What You Talkin (EPMD feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep), tratta dall'album We Mean Business

What You Talkin - EPMD feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep

[**feat. Havoc (Mobb Deep)]
[Chorus One: Erick Sermon]
We Mobb'n, Hit Squad'n
We got dough but it ain't from robbin
We rock microphones it's out job and
Def Squad motherfucker and my name is
Edi Amin - nigga what you talkin
The Grand Royal - nigga what you talkin
It's E-Dub - nigga what you talkin
Tell 'em to lift it up (no doubt E)
[Erick Sermon]
Yo this here is big boy shit (yeah) for the over 200 pounder club
Co-cappy dub (whoahhhoahhh)
I came back to rep my city
Nigga, I took the key from Diddy
Def Squad's the committee, I rock for the gritty
I'm milk like a new mom titty - y'all wit me?
E Serm' the Green Eyed one, call me M-Ro
I got stripes on my arm, call me general
I'm nice (I'm nice) I'll pull rank like {?}
Leaves of rice with this mic device
Easy~! Who got the issue I'll straight diss you
And hit you with the dadgum missile - hear it whistle?
Comin for ya the Oscar De La Hoya, the Golden Boy
Yeah - I'm that dude, don't believe I'll show ya boy
Ask Destiny's Child, I'm that "Soldier Boy"
Chill like the New York winter, no one colder boy
[Chorus Two: Erick Sermon] + (Havoc)
We Mobb'n, Hit Squad'n
We got dough but it ain't from robbin
We rock microphones it's out job and
Infamous motherfucker and his name is
(Black Mobb'n) - nigga what you talkin
(G.B. I-N-3) - what you talkin
(Infamous Mobb Deep) - what you talkin
(H-A-V-O-C) - what you talkin
The stomach stay hungry so the hammer keep lickin
I'm lookin at the clock see time is still tickin
My beef, open the stove, see mine is done
When they keep playin with me, you minus one
One less nigga on that street my patience
Run short so ready to make you ancient
Your last destination'll be marked a headstone
Ain't worth it like tryin to get a fed case thrown
Closed casket, and ain't that what, who want what?
I mastered, playin the cut, 'til I'm forced
Out my shell, pull that gat, you spill guts
'Splain it yourself, of how you ain't sayin the stuff
Time's up, you about to get touched homeboy
I ain't gon' sit here and argue wit'cha face homeboy
But next time you better watch what you say homeboy
But ain't gon' be a next time say bye homeboy
[Chorus Three: Erick Sermon] + (Parrish)
We Mobb'n, Hit Squad'n
We got dough but it ain't from robbin
We rock microphones it's out job and
Hit Squad motherfucker and my name is
(I'm the Microphone Doctor) - nigga what you talkin
(PMD) - nigga what you talkin
(A black cloud) - nigga what you talkin
(Time to lift it up) - uh-huh, what you talkin
[Parrish Smith]
I be killin it when I'm feelin it
Straight drillin it when I'm peelin it
Comin through in the Tahoe truck fo'-wheelin it
Rollin through thick, pumpin knockin blastin my shit
Checkin out chicks
Pointin sayin "That's P the shit"
Freshly dipped, Nike Air Force One is the kick
I'm Parrish Smith, you dudes don't wanna fuck with this
You got nothin, since "Strictly Biz" I keep it pumpin
At every function, yo E and P, never lunchin
Never slip, microphone wreck is the biz
(That's Erick Sermon) and me Parrish Smith
Probably blowin your whole life to shit
That's how trifle it get, your fly-ass wife'll quit
And like AJ Benz on Hollywood Scandal, life's a bitch
We got the hypest spit, straight up cause we nicer kid
Look what the mic done did, EPMD know, lost they wig
From day one, never been a dud with the flow gun
[Chorus Four: Erick Sermon]
We Mobb'n, Hit Squad'n
We got dough but it ain't from robbin
We rock microphones it's out job and
Squadron motherfucker and the name is
{Edi Amin} nigga what you talkin
{I'm the Microphone Doctor} nigga what you talkin
{It's E-Dub} nigga what you talkin
{Infamous Mobb Deep} what you talkin

Writer(s): Sermon Erick, Smith Parrish Joseff, Muchita Kanjuan
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