Testo della canzone You Must Be Crazy (Eminem, Hot Karl & Dree), tratta dall'album 1200's Never Die

You Must Be Crazy - Eminem, Hot Karl & Dree

You Must Be Crazy
DJ Rectangle
I'm keeping it raw
Illegal like Malik and Jamal
Cause I don't believe in the law
Like I'm Steven Seagal
Flipping off the police while I'm leaping the wall
Take some Tylenol then fall asleep in the mall
Got your little son, you'll be receiving a call
You're lucky this little punk's still breathing at all
Fuck the world, this is how I get even at y'all
Popped sick and rolled up, and leave in the vault
I'll hit you in the mouth and stick your teeth in the jaw
You won't be able to eat shit, not even a malt
Speak of assault
It's giving you a reason to stall
Cocking this dude's deuce and I'm squeezing it off
The first burp and a fart
Syphilis, sneeze, and a cough
Get your arm chewed off
Like you was teasing a dog
I'm cold enough and hot enough to freeze and then thaw
I kicked my girl out in ten degrees and a bra
You faggots turn yellow like the trees in the fall
Signal rap "Where's Shady?" He's in the stall
All that's left of your niece is a piece of her doll
And all that's left of her puppy is a leash and a paw

You must be crazy
If you want to fade me
You must be crazy
If you want to fade me

WUH-OHH! I bet Jimmy Iovine's scared
But let's break the rules and be a rebel instead
Thank you Rectangle for these sixteen bars
With a track so sick you can use 'em as SARS
Too many rappers think they're 2Pac and they should stop
Unless it's him in Poetic Justice, workin' a post office
Then you quit rap dog, proving your pedigree
Is questionable, like Da Brat's femininity
I'm not a gangster, I'm just trying to live
And take you back to the days like Garbage Pail Kids
I'm playing the bigs, your whole game is sloppy
Only time you're rocking ciphers is when you get bukkake'd
Yeah, it's Hot Karl, I'm going for broke
I guess a hit is still a hit: sorry, Interscope!

And that's Whitman
That's Latrice Gibbons
Tighter with my flow than what most niggas is spittin'
I'm the one packing a MAC in the back of a black truck
While y'all niggas be sleeping you need to be peeping a color
Slam through your speakers
Hit one of the tweeters
Lyrical styles I disperse is harder than your peter
{Wait, how did she know?}
You better ask them about me
I hit 'em up, get 'em up
Then I spit 'em up like loogies
Fucking around? Test me
I'll hex you like a voodoo
Get an ass like Charmin and flush you like a poo poo
Lyrical Smith & Wesson is ready, I got my shotty
Cause when I get to spitting I'm leaving bodies like Gotti
The head banging Madonna's coming like them nigger
Only difference is? Female is my gender
Y'all heard me

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