Testo della canzone Flawless Victory (Screamixx) (Eminem feat. Dr. Dre), tratta dall'album Renegades

Flawless Victory (Screamixx) - Eminem feat. Dr. Dre

Slim Shady, Swifty
Drop tight
Dirty Doz'

Tell me it feel to get tall about the frame
All you gotta do is step up and say your name
You can drop tight, all it takes is one look
Since, nigga, you'll get fucked around and get your shit took

I told you bitch niggas a week ago
Witness these slugs as they riddle through your vehicle
Bet three or four hit yo' torso and shake yo' middle
Verbal abuse gon' have you suffering in a hospital
You bitches brittle, you too fragile to be talking shit, fuck you!
I feel sorry for who you walking with
I start to hit anything moving, I'm out my mind, it's been proven
Hit the stage and watch your rap career get ruined
And what you doing will get you stiff, watch you start to freeze
Take ya niggas out this bitch like heart disease
Start to squeeze to the point you can't regain conscious
Talking 'bout "I could've gotten" but
That's plain nonsense like Magic Johnson
You just playing like you sip liquor
See, I got rabies,
You might have a little bitch in ya, but yo ain't crazy
I'm the one that keep the facts known
Fuck your rap career, cause all that's gone!
You better have something to fall back on
I hear 'em saying that's wrong how I'm doing
I'm running straight through 'em and fuck up
Anyone who know him, damn shame one have to do em
It's now official,
It's been confirmed we gon return when slugs hit you
Niggas wonderin' where you dissipate to
What you expect?
While I'm getting respect, niggas is paying you your respects
Outranked niggas from the East and West, I can't be touched
Tell you what, you gon' get your best
Watch 'em get crushed!

The final problem is solved by throwin' sulfuric acid
All over your back to see your spinal column dissolve
Droppin' bodies like it was domino season
My phenomenal legion will shoot out
Your fuckin' abdominal region
Slim Shady, responsible for your permanent stillness
Just escaped from the hospital with terminal illness
Itchin' to rip your fuckin' frame out
'Cause I ain't got nothing to lose
Like that movie that just came out
Callin' your name out, first, last and your middle initial
Your mom, your dad, and your pregnant widow will miss you
And anybody else poppin' some shit'll go with you
'Cause I ain't tryna hear it like a political issue
So until I can leave with enough funds
I'mma shove guns up in the mouths of your loved ones
Drown 'em face down in the bath while the tub runs
Got a rap sheet that's longer than Tubby's sub buns

Tell me it feel to get tall about the frame
All you gotta do is step up and say your name
You can drop tight, all it takes is one look
Since, nigga, you'll get fucked around and get your shit took

Watch these niggas keep grabbing like Ondre
No defeating me like Barry Sanders running back lines
Seeing you beating me, I get shit on a sleep tip
Blast him with this heat bitch
Bucking niggas up like bad traps, they got the Freaknik
I'm killing 'em
In my city, I'm considered the only rapper that can split yo gizzard
That city one
I'm colder than blizzards
Many run, but don't escape
Vocally you've been raped, hiding bodies in other states
If you ain't been arbitrary, rolling thicker than dictionaries
Every word would carry horror to make you wary
Call the motherfucking 5-0
Hurry, cause nines blow in the
Hands of niggas living scurry and psycho
I'm like nitro, blowing up spots with top flight post
Folding them knots so you get popped if you bite flows
You instantly turn red if wearing white clothes
Automatic slugs are given, so you gas pose
You're exposed, you laughing still while it's on
Watch your head get popped like daffodils, then you gone
You see, 'cause rabies run rampant like mad rabbits, relentless
Rabid raps, you better run out and go get your tetanus
Or feel the redness, red dot between your retinas
Leaving you headless, before you even said what your set was
Ready to detonate
Pissed off and I'm blowing up like I
Pulled into a gas station and backed into a pump
I've been through enough,
I'm looking to start a gunfight with trump tight
Dropping you off at a dumpsite

Slim Shady
Mr. Wrong
Swifty, baby

I barely relent like cigarettes
I drop bombs and leave you niggas mixing ligaments
These shotguns got rhymes that get on
Stray bullets been known to fuck up
A happy home in the hands of Mr. Wrong
These niggas drop like atomic bombs
Bionic rhymes from the top will stop motherfuckers from staying calm
As these firearms disconnect, your final song, bitches over with
The rap of Swift and Mr.
Wrong got yo soldiers hit with the
Rage of Dobermans or your coldest pitbull
Niggas got no defense 'cause you niggas
Gon' need chiropractors, we biohazardous
I'm flipping you backwards with this gauge
Watch me cancel this

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