Testo della canzone The Message/ Outro (Dr. Dre & Thomas Chong feat. Mary J. Blige & Rell), tratta dall'album 2001 (Explicit Version)

The Message/ Outro - Dr. Dre & Thomas Chong feat. Mary J. Blige & Rell

This one is for my brother, Tyree, R.I.P
A message to God

Since you finishing em early, what possessed you to start him?
We made a vow - later we'll regret til death do us part
Lord, I thought we was made for each other
You shouldn't connect those, made to be taken away from each other
Now what I'm supposed to do? I'm only half the man that I was
I'll never last, cause my better half is up there with you
You knew what you was doing when you made us; so with all due respect
You coulda forgave him, you didn't have to take him
He can take the game with him, cause he defines the word
The one who puts the G in it, who you think put me in it?
I'm feeling like my whole world is blinded - wondering why
Crying, pouring out my heart, pouring out liquor behind it
We fought like brothers, something we never should do
We coulda used time spent arguing telling the truth
He had talent too - I had plans on watching him grow
Don't know what hurts more - seeing him leave, or watching him go

Listen, listen, listen... (Listen)
Listen, listen, listen... (Better listen)
Listen, listen, listen...

If you wan' know why (Why I live my life)
The way that I do (Cause I got to get this money)
So don't worry about me (Cause I know my way around)
I'm just hustlin' everyday, runnin' this race, makin' this paper

You's a soldier, you're probably packing heat up there
Met up with homies from the street, and got deep up there
If you only knew the way I felt before they ruined the crew
I thought I learned from Eazy, now I'm going through it with you
We lost a thug, a son, and a father
I spoke to your son, the other day, and told him Uncle Dre got him
The Lord must be accidentally pulling your file
Cause I'm still paging you, 911, straight in denial
Prayin you get it, but no man can choose the card he was dealt
You either quit, or you gon' play it like you get it
I done been through all emotions, from in shock, to keeping a poker face
To straight breaking down and showing all emotions
I'm anxious to believe in real G's don't cry
If that's the truth, then I'm realizing I ain't no gangsta
It's just not me, but you know I'mma always ride wit you
I miss you, sometimes I wish I just died wit you

If you don't know why I... you gotta listen up right now
Lis-ten, lis-ten, lis-ten, lis-ten...
Lis-ten, lis-ten...
Listen, lis-ten, children, lis-ten
I'm tryin to tell you somethin good
Don't get caught up in the hood, yeah
If you don't know why...
You gotta find out the reason why...
Brother... brother...

Oh, you're Doctor Dre. Ha-ha, are you a real doctor dude? I mean like, you know, can you prescribe some drugs for me man? Come on dude, I'll split whatever I get with ya, okay? Hahahaha
Ah, the chronic

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