The Eternal Champion (A Suite in VII Parts) - Domine

[I) Prologue]


[II) Screaming The Battlecry]

The time is now
We go to wage war against the
I'm the Campion, the Defender of
With vengeance i will ride upon
Them all

I'm immortal
Wielder of steel a war machine
I'm the leader
The One who will lead you
To victory
I'm the Hero
Blood and destruction are my deeds
I'm Eternal
Fight to the last!

The army's ready
The battle banner's high upon
My lance
The sword the armour will be
My only brothers when i ride
The sound of battle horns will
Start the fight

And now the time has come for me
To rise my sword against all thee
And then the spell shall son
Be cast
You're doomed to fall beneath
My axe
I'll banish evil from this land
A newborn king will overcome
I'll be the scythe to cut you down
I'll be the fire to burn you down
Conquest is mine into the fight
Screaming the battlecry!

Screaming the battlecry
Running with vengeance in
My eyes
Not one of you will survive

[III) Blow My Blow (Into The Fight)]

Hear the clash of swords
The shout of the warriors fighting
Band to band
Blow my Blow, into the fight
Blow my blow, I'm ready to strike

[IV) Death Of The Champion]

Oh, King of the dead
I've waited so long to fight by
Your side
And my sacrifice to you are
Souls of enemy knights
Released by my sword

An arrow flies it bites my heart
The steel is cold
My blood spills out
I can't believe it runs out red
Immortal heart can't feel no pain

For all these years i've lived a lie
The wisemen words blinded
My eyes
A son of gods, immortal lance
Now just a son of mortal men

[V) Heroes In Tears]

Oh, the battle is near the end
My body lies on the blood stained
All I hear are cries of pain
All I see are my friends before me
Heroes in tears [4 times]

[VI) Destiny Revealed]

Now my destiny is revealed
I'm a fate's soldier to eternal war
The gates of time will spread
Open wide
Mortal in body, etrnal in will

Doomed to be called with
Many names
Doomed to have many shapes
And doomed to be forever at war
And to go wherever I'm called

Where will i go? TO FIGHT!
For what? TO FIGHT!
To fight for what? TO FIGHT!
For what?

Eternal Champion doomed to fight

[VII) Epilogue]


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