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Testo della canzone Welcome To My Hood - Remix (DJ Khaled, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Twista, T-Pain, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, The Game & Waka Flocka Flame), tratta dall'album We The Best Forever

Welcome To My Hood - Remix - DJ Khaled, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Twista, T-Pain, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, The Game & Waka Flocka Flame

I'm for real about this shit, this the remix
(Welcome to my hood) let's go
(Where ya hood at?) Remix
(Where ya hood at?) Remix
(Where ya hood at?) Remix

Welcome to my hood
Everybody know everybody
And if I got it everybody got it, ugh
Welcome to my hood
Look at all these old school Chevy's
24's so you know we roll heavy (Y-M-C-M-B)
Welcome to my hood

Where they gettin' fly like a G6
And everybody know this is the remix
Welcome to my hood (Mily Gay Kelly, 305)
Them boys will put you down on yo knees
(We The Best Music) (woop, woop)
That's the sound of the police, in my hood (Luda!)

Everybody on the corner with the work
Slangin' and bangin' in front of that liquor store
Blowin' money 'cause I live life fast
With this bottle full of yak I'm a sip it slow
Singles double when triple beams take over
Now holla 'cause they Impalas got extreme makeovers
Couches covered in plastic, babies all in the street

Now wear the wrong color and catch a Rodney King beatdown
Kids hit with switches, mamas is quotin' scriptures
While Luda's getting head, more gums than baby pictures
Cock my 40 Glock and my partner just bought a replica
Now Asians sayin' they don't keep no cash in they register (hurry up and buy)
We run from red and blue lights to get that green
But whoever got that white is winning like Charlie Sheen (ayy)

Teddy Pain, (Teddy Pain), bad man, (bad man)
Mixed shots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom bang
Man we the best nevertheless, you know we get it hot
Fire flame, flame, fire, fire flame
Put me on the track, and I'm a really let a muthafucker feel it
When I do it, how, I do it, what I do

If a nigga really wanna test (come and test)
You can bet that I'm a eat 'em all day (fuck food)
850 what I represent, Tallahome Florida president
Me and DJ Khaled got these haters lookin' hesitant
So keep all that wackness out my ear, (phew phew)
That's the sound of your career in my hood

I hope you niggas got your ringside seats
'Cause it's whoopass season, comin' to a hood near you
Everybody know what happen when you see me comin' (back up!)
I be hurdling and gotcha regurgitating and murdering everything
Gun shots bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah
Ya'll know what it is, I'm coming to get it and others are blocking
I'm runnin' the hood and nothin' can top it
You can Google it and you can search it

On how a nigga come and unlock it, impossible to stop it
More fire, thunder, pain, I go and heed the villain
He's adrenaline poppin' need a medical situation
Because the way I'm fuckin' everything until I'm peepin' it
Why you tryna do what you already know that I'm the king with it
And, you don't wanna come behind me with it bro, uggh
I killed this shit I ain't gotta rhyme no more

(Welcome to my hood)

Welcome to my hood where poor members of faculty backin' me
If you ever try attackin' me, that could be when I eat 'em
Especially when I beat 'em
When they see a bunch of killas and hustlas on the side of me
I'm an anomaly to 'em, put 'em on crutches
We'll sock ya lip first for you touch us, he one that's kickin' our brothers
Much as I smoke the duchess and model chicks that cut us
And muthafuckers that love us, their enemies wanna touch us

I'm a spit a flow as if it was a sin (what?)
Then the gangstas are restin' forever
See a solid four, then I'm a put it on the fin (what?)
Then you know to never test, it'll be a category F5
Handle military with automatic weapon so let's ride
Love to the honeys, and everybody that runnin' the North
And they whole city from the Westside

Welcome to the gully where we not take bad up
Big Spliff inna mi hand and Hennessy inna mi cup
You see the gal dem we have up is like some angel adopt
Dem fat and grab up, now hear me, haha
When you pass the gate written at the entrance violate
A straight death sentence to live you must be great
To be a snake know repentance
We coming at you with vengeance

(Welcome to my hood)

Never slippin', I'm ballin', Puff keep on callin'
I don't see none of you pussies, fuck that shit you be talkin' (I ain't tryna hear that shit)
Rep Miami the ghettos (Dade County), every hood and the projects
And when I drop off my singles, I'm droppin' one of my targets
Lord forgive me for my sins, I gave you hits
I gave you "All I do is win" (I won't stop)
I live this shit, and we the best, it's no pretend (I'm for real about this)
I touchin' million (yeah) throwin' hundreds in this bitch
(Uptown, swag up, let's get it)

Re-real nigga numba one (yeah) hustle fly with my son
I come from uptown, G5 tommy gun
Red flag everyday, hundred mil' ready to spray
Swagged out nigga, Bugatti with the paper plate
Blowin' on some good nigga, feelin' good nigga
Stunna island, me and Khaled on the wood nigga
You understand, shinin' like I know we should
Birdman, YMCMB, we good nigga

Ace Hood in this bitch ho, kickin' down in yo front door
Knock-knock, you hear the Glock cock and that thing pop on the 4-4
Posted up in that same block, I'm in the drop top with that bank roll
Young nigga, I'm out here, can't name a place I can't go
Ridin' 'round with my 50 grand and they wonder what do that safe hold
Middle finger them feds and that's why I pledge a part of my G code
And fuck them prosecutors, hustler connoisseur
It's we the best forever, make sure you spread the rumor bitch

(Welcome to my hood)

Good coke, hard ride stashes in the bodyshop
Only way to break them bricks down is karate chops
Niggas gettin' left right in front of the marble precinct
Leave 'em like them Jordans, red dot leakin'
I'm 15 when I first startin' coppin' pies
You 46 just turnin' blood, stop it five
It's like the only way to make it is supplyin' things
Hoop dreams dunkin' over cars, let the choir sing

(Welcome to my hood)

Yo!, it's that black raw, black dawg
Pullin' up on that black home
Compton, that's my backyard
That's where I used to get them sacks off
But, now I got platinum plaques in the back of the 'Bach
And I'm back with Dre again, Aftermath
We the best, Me and Khaled, Dre and Em'

Detox, RED, that's back to the back
Step in the club with my hat to the back
Nigga I'm so hood even tho I'm livin' good
Niggas still in VIP strapped with a gat
Drop a couple stacks then it's back to the trap
Couple hoes in the back, red wheels on the lac
Red rum, if you try it niggas throw it up now

(Welcome to my hood)

They knockin' packs off, they lettin' gats off
Medicate, benefit cards scratch off's
Savin' every dime (yeah), tryna choke a quarter
And they ain't sellin' crack (naw), they sellin' coke and water
Smokin' or ya snortin', they coppin' all the Jordans
Nothin's more important, steal 'em if you can't afford 'em
I'm gettin' to the money, I need another comma
Some of 'em love the drama, more than they love they mama

(Welcome to my hood)

Welcome to the land of the trill
Where everybody walkin' with they hand on they steel
And, a model is a supply and demand any will
You went outta line with the wrong man, then get killed
When ya damned if you will and damned if you won't
Lotta dudes sayin' that they can, but they don't
And alotta boys sayin' that they G's, and they ain't

Mess around, get laid down in the paint
Better do what you say, and say what you do
For I come around ya hood, broad day with the crew
They got them fists, AR's, AK's and them twos
And they will gladiate all day, what it do
R.I.P. to the trillest that did it, to my G's on lockdown acquitted
Think I'm a stop reppin' PAT, forget it

Welcome to Clayton County, my house got surrounded
Enemies tryna drown me, but my hood still around me
Rookie of the year, no freshman cover
Shawty 16 years old, with four baby mothers
First rapper ever to jump off the stage on BET
And, since Pac go to Hollywood to keep it street
First Woo to put T. Rodgers on the TV
Every day, it's a party on Grove street

We The Best forever, June 28th
It's gon' be a hot summer

Writer(s): Dwayne Carter, William Roberts, Algernod Washington, Khaled Khaled, Lenny Mollings, Johnny Mollings, B Johnson, M Riviere, Faheem Rasheed Najim
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