Testo della canzone Fed Up (DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy & Rick Ross), tratta dall'album Victory

Fed Up - DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy & Rick Ross

It was all a dream
Yeah, homie I am on my job
And you can't take that away from me
Yeah I got my team
And I got all of my niggas behind me
And they, give me the love I need
Yeah, I got my foot in the door
Still hustling for more
Checking the game
Now I'm back in the light
Yeah, I'm fed up
Hey, I'm fed up
Hey, I'm fed up
I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired

I am absolutely positively on my grizzy
Even though I'm sick and I'm tired, I gets busy
Started sixty two, what ended up a Frisbee
And me I like to stand at the stove until I'm dizzy
Ball so hard it's like I brought the game with me
Now my club so white, you thought I brought Jermaine with me
About to paint a perfect picture like I brought the frame with me
I give it all up before I let the fame get me
I got niggas trying to sue me, bitches trying to do me
Way these niggas acting, you would thought they never knew me
But these niggas know me, and half them niggas owe me
I'm fed up, that's why I'm acting like the old me

I'm sick and tired of you suckers so now I'm fed up
Somebody catch his chain I'm about to tear his head off
Shawty bending over, know I'm about to tear it up
Before you let your top back, get your bread up
Made history, but now we claiming victory
Get you out the White House, so back to your efficiency
Suckers feel me, and I know you haters hear me
Like the IRS, you wonder what I'm making yearly
Let them brown bags circulate, so why perpetrate?
We shining than the bottom because we're down to twerkulate
Looking at the parking lot, better get your mind right
Oh, you better be broke because the time's right

Uh, me and Wayne was getting high on them
He leaned over and told just don't retire on them
And when they give you they shoulders, never cry on them
And when they love you to death, just never die on them
And the question still remains
Have I counted all the money that I've managed to obtain?
Niggas dedicating overtime, but damaging my name
And somehow I'm still the hottest motherfucker in the game

I'm happy to be back man...
I'm tired of these haters
That's why I go hard like AC Slater
Weezy Baby here, y'all prenatal
I just get the beat and murk it out like Frado
Uh, I'm sick of being criticized
That's why I'm higher than the Star Trek Enterprise
I do it big, don't be mad because you minimized
I keep a red flag case I get penalized
Uh, it's Young Money like you didn't know
Stop playing, I hit Drizzy with the give and go
It was all a dream, now we the Dream Team
Who trying to see us? You seeing things
Hustle like I still pay rent man
Got a chest full of heart no tin man
Uh, Kha-Kha-Khaled I'm fed up
Flow wake the dead up

Yeah, how about I've been in this biz breaking records since '94
So I ain't got to brag about records that I've brought
Records that I hold
Records that I've sold
Man I'm fed up with these niggas relieving my lingo
Yeah, don't bite the hand of your provider
You say that I ain't influence you you're a liar
I'm on fire, you're just a lighter
You're going to wake up and realize

Writer(s): Faheem Rasheed Najm, Usher Raymond, William Roberts, Jay Jenkins, Khaled Mohammaed Khaled, Aubrey Graham, Jermaine Jackson, Andrew Harr, Jason P. D. Boyd, Poo Bear
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