Testo della canzone Gangsta Shit (feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Papoose & Yo Gotti) (DJ Kay Slay feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana), tratta dall'album More Than Just a DJ

Gangsta Shit (feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Papoose & Yo Gotti) - DJ Kay Slay feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana

KaySlay I got you, baby!
Juiceman in this mu'fucker!
Pimps roll shortly!
DAMN! (why?)
Awww man what it do cause? (huh?)
We rockin' like cut off stockin' fronts from the A to the N-Y man that's how we do now.
Check it out!

See I pull up in that club then my car say: "AYE! " (damn!)
And I pull off from that club - with my car like okay! (okay!)
And I step off in that thang. - Everybody sayin': "Daaamn! "
Young Ju', man yes! - He is the man!
Lookin' in my trap - and my cookin' right hand
And my diamond is recruited with the fate of Uncle Saaam.
Whaaaam! Baaaam! - There go instant gram
I do muscle, break it down and then get to the plan.
Break so many racks. - I can make you a fan
Then pull up in my Hummer sittin' on them ceilin faaaans.
Then get it out the hood then make myself some extra theeeen
On a solo mission while I distributin graaams.
We be GPS and make your girl brains scraaaam
Sign barely finest and I'm on a platinum baaaand
Put me in yo' hood and I'll steal all the graaaams
Young Ju man Thirty two yes I aaaam!

I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit!
(AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK!)
I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit!
(AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK!) {Papoose! Pa-poose! }

Man I must floss word to me. - Young boss courtesy
Southern hospitality and Up North courtesy.
Japanese, chinky eyes, suck dog certainly
Fish, rice, soy sauce, duck sauce, servin' me.
Trust your security I'll crush your authority
Son call emergency they rushed off nervously
Run for affirmery, cut it off surgery
Shootin' at the top window bust off vertically.
Clutch more burners bleed it tucks all burgundy
Bang like the Russians when they dust off Germany.
Did it by accident your tough talk irkin' me
I did it on purpose man I touched yours purposely
Walk to the whip with the drunk walk swirvin' these
Puff, cough, burn the trees of course burn the cheese.
Catch you goin' in your crib. - Tough lost turn the key
Said they wanna murder me; fuck off murder these!

I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit! (Yo Gotti!)
("AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK! ")
I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit! (Yo Gotti!)
("AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK! ")

That A to the K! [gun cocks] - Will Slay one of you bitch-niggas
How you a D-boy (uh!) and never seen a brick nigga?! (naaah)
And I'm with Papoose ('poose!) We on that Grey Goose (Goose!)
Goons on deck! (bitch) - Whenever I say shoot (shoot!) [shot]
And I'm a thug, nigga! (ch'eah!) - I got love, nigga (ch'eah!)
In the N-Y but I'm from the South you know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Where the Kush price at? (ha!) - The white a little cheaper (cheaper)
And I don't want no phone! (nah!) - I'm about to cop a beeper (yeah, man!)
This here for all my people hustlin out their on the grind (grind!)
Hey get your money my nigga! - You supposed to shine!
But my homie just died! - I see my people them cryin'
You hear that pain in my voice? Your life ain't nothin' like mine.
I saw them dyin' at the line! - I told them time after time!
I been on grind after grind. - Is still me clips in my .9!
You just a industry nigga - that's why your beef ain't all sowed (sowed!)
But when it's beef in the hood (hood!) - nigga our life will be gone
I use my pen as my mic - so I can talk through my songs
I'm one of the realest niggas out now correct me if I'm wrong.
If you had done what I done (done!) - or you did seen what I seen (seen!)
Then you can understand why I am Yo Gotti the king, - Ch'eah!

I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit! (Yo Gotti!)
("AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK! ")
I'm on that gangsta shit! I'm on that gangsta shit! (Yo Gotti!)
("AYE! - DAMN! AYE! - OK! ")

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